Cross country skiing in Mora

No place is as much cross country skiing as Mora. Here the Vasalopps arena stands ready for many miles of fine skiing. At the ski stadium in Hemus there are shorter lanes with tours for all ages. You can also go on adventure on your own to discover all the pearls that are hidden just outside the door of Mora with the surrounding area.

Mora is equal to Vasaloppet. From the classic goal portal, the church, the Zornmuséet and the camp in the center, you have direct access to the entire classical Vasalopps arena. The kilometers closest to Mora are early preparade and after the snowstart, it's only to start collecting the kilometres before coming Vasalopp. The 9 km of the Vasalopps track between Mora and Eldris have illuminated tracks. Vasaloppsspåret also passes through Hemus ski stadium, where there are several illuminated trails and motion trails. A ski slope and pukla slope make the area perfect for beginners. In Hemusgården there are dining, dressing, shower and sauna.

The skiing paradise Norra Garberg is well worth a visit, where the height makes both the snow access and the views amazing. Take the car right up to the sports center or park the car in Eldris to ski up the hill. Up there are loops for both skate and classic skating.

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