Cross country skiing in Gagnef

In Gagnef there are great trails for cross country skiing, from challenging challenges for elite skiers to lighter loops in cozy nature.

For those who got ski cravings, there are various trails and tours around Gagnef. Take a trip to cozy Björkastugan and try the gentle Myrslingan - as the name suggests - take you out to the snowy marshes. In Backen in Mockfjärd there are both illuminated tracks and day trails of different lengths depending on the snowfall. You can also start from Gagnef IF's clubhouse at Upper Tjärna, and there are also trails of different lengths and hills. A tip is the 10 km long Åkerspår, where you ski over rolling fields between the villages Österfors, Gräv, Tjärna and Kyrkbyn.

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