Siljan Geopark

A ring of experiences in the tracks of a meteorite 

Around 380 million years ago, a four kilometre wide meteorite hit the earth and created an area which we now call Siljansringen.

The impact of the meteorite was so powerful that rocks were lifted and turned upside down and cracks were formed deep in the bedrock. Even today, you can see the upturned rock layers from the meteorite impact standing upright in Dalhalla, Styggforsen and Östbjörka. 
Siljan Geopark is Sweden's first national geopark with unique geological phenomena and natural value sites in several places, known as geosites. The park, which comprises an area of sixty kilometres in diameter, is still under construction, but even now you can visit a lot of exciting and geologically fascinating places that have shaped the area in different ways.  
There’s a lot to experience here in terms of geology, nature, and culture, regardless of your level of prior knowledge. Book a local guide who will tell you stories that can give an extra dimension to your experience. At Naturum Dalarna, Siljansnäs, and Rättviks naturmuseum, you’ll find more information about the origins of Siljansringen.

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Keep in mind!

A lot of the places in Siljan Geopark are nature reserves, where nature is protected and special regulations apply. For example, digging, chopping, or otherwise damaging the earth's surface and rock formations is not permitted. Nor is damaging trees, plants or animals, lighting fires; digging up or bringing herbs, mosses, mushrooms or lichens, or bringing pets without a lead. There are specific regulations for each nature reserve.