General booking terms and conditions

These terms and conditions shall apply between Visit Dalarna AB (VDAB) and you when you book through according to your booking confirmation. The agreement can be for accommodations, transport, purchase of other products and services, or a combination thereof, hereinafter “the Products”.

The Principal Organizer is Visit Dalarna AB,, Corp. ID No.: 556788-2609. Visit Dalarna AB sells the Products through, online reservation systems of suppliers of products.

The booking office is responsible for ensuring that you are given access to the information set out in Paragraph 11, below and details of any significant changes and any special conditions relating to your booking.

For travel by scheduled means of transport, special conditions may apply.

The booking confirmation contains important information regarding your booking. Please note that the content in the booking confirmation constitutes contract terms.

To book or enter into an agreement with VDAB, you must be at least 18 years old. In the case of group bookings, at least two persons must be at least 18 years old, unless a higher age limit is stipulated on the booking confirmation. Identification is required upon arrival. This minimum age is a requirement for access to the accommodation.

For bookings of cabins and apartments in the area Sälen and Idre the following age limits applies. At least 2 people aged 21 years old are required to access to the accommodation. Identification is due upon arrival. To access the accommodation over New Years, Eastern weekend and closing weekend the age limit of 23 years old applies on all guests, except for parents with children under 23 years.

You are required to check the confirmation as soon as you receive it. Any errors must be communicated immediately. You are responsible for the accuracy of the information you provide in connection with the booking.

You must specify at the time of booking whether you are suffering from any type of allergy, so that we, as agents, will be able to find the right accommodations for you.

Promises made by the personnel handling the booking that are important to you should be noted on the booking confirmation so you will be able to cite them.

We are not responsible for promises that the Lessor or Supplier or their representatives may have made to you directly.

The current check-in and check-out times are specified on the confirmation. Unless otherwise specified on the confirmation, the price of accommodation does not include cleaning, bed linens, towels, cots and highchairs, toilet paper, etc.

The booking shall be binding once VDAB confirms the booking and you have paid the agreed deposit or the full amount of the booking within the agreed time.

You must pay the agreed price at time of booking, plus or minus any changes in taxes and fees that have occurred subsequent to booking. The time and the payee are shown on the booking confirmation.

For bookings made more than 40 days before arrival, an immediate deposit (down payment) of 10% of the booking price must be received by VDAB by means of an online credit card payment (VISA or MasterCard). Final payment shall be due no later than 40 days prior to arrival, via a payment link or a bank giro payment.

For bookings made no more than 40 days prior to arrival, final payment to VDAB must be made immediately by credit card payment (VISA or MasterCard) online.

Payment must always be completed before arrival.

We apply a booking fee of SEK 100 for bookings through our callcenters. Payment by invoice is possible only in exceptional cases by special agreement at the time of booking.

An additional invoice fee of SEK 75 will then be charged.

Although you will not receive a confirmation that the payment has reached us, you can check your payment status through "min sida" (my page) at or via the payment link in the confirmation e-mail.

If you have paid the registration fee (payable at time of booking, unless otherwise agreed) you will be sent one reminder to make payment in full through the payment link. Your booking will be cancelled if VDAB has not received your final payment by the date indicated on the reminder. Failure to pay on time will be considered a cancellation, and the cancellation rules will apply.

No reminder will be sent in the event of non-payment of the registration fee. If you do not pay the registration fee in accordance with what has been agreed, your booking will be cancelled, in which case, the cancellation rules will apply.

If you wish to make a change in your reservation, a fee of SEK 150 per booking and time will be charged. Note that a change of arrival or departure date will be regarded as a cancellation. This does not apply to extensions of existing bookings. Additional costs for changing travel tickets may apply.

You can cancel verbally or in writing, by phone at +46 (0)771-62 62 62, or by email at

Please note that your cancellation will not be valid until you have received written confirmation from VDAB. N.B.: A change of arrival or departure date will be regarded as a cancellation.

The following cancellation costs shall apply unless otherwise stated in the booking confirmation. Special conditions may apply. Special rules apply when booking packages in connection with events at Dalhalla.

The following cancellation rules shall apply if no cancellation insurance has been purchased. If the arrangement is for a package tour, the specific provisions for package tours shall apply. Special provisions may apply to event tickets.

8.1. Cancellation charges for hotels/B & Bs/guesthouses/hostels/camping sites/activities

Free cancellation until 16:00 (4pm), two days before arrival, after that you pay for one night. Fees for cancellation protection cover, changes, invoicing as well as booking fees are nonrefundable. Special rules for event packages and major holidays.

8.2. Cancellation charges for cottages/holiday villages/rooms/apartments/camping cabins

  • Cancellations at least 21 days before the scheduled date of arrival: 10% of the booking price.
  • Cancellations 8-20 days before the scheduled date of arrival: 25% of the booking price.
  • Cancellations 0-7 days before the scheduled date of arrival: 100% of the booking price.
  • Charges for cancellation insurance, booking fees and change fees are non-refundable.

8.3. Cancellation charges for accommodation in Idre-Grövelsjön-Särna-Älvdalen and Sälenfjällen regardless of accommodation type

  • Cancellations at least 41 days before the scheduled date of arrival: 10% of the booking price.
  • Cancellations 0-40 days before the scheduled date of arrival: 100% of the booking price.
  • Charges for cancellation insurance, booking fees and change fees are non-refundable.

8.4. Cancellation charges for temporary accommodations in connection with major events, such as World Cup accommodations (“event accommodations”)

  • Cancellations at least 31 days before the scheduled date of arrival: 10% of the booking price.
  • Cancellations 0-30 days before the scheduled date of arrival: 100% of the booking price.
  • Charges for cancellation insurance, booking fees and change fees are non-refundable.

8.5. Cancellation costs for package travel

For the definition of package travel, see the chapter on special conditions for package travel.

The following provisions do not apply to stays in a cottage or holiday village. For these kinds of accommodations, regular cancellation costs apply.

  • Cancellations at least 40 days before the scheduled date of arrival: 10% of the booking price.
  • Cancellations 15-39 days before the scheduled date of arrival: 50% of the booking price.
  • Cancellations 2-14 days before the scheduled date of arrival: 75% of the booking price.
  • Cancellations 0-1 day before the scheduled date of arrival: 100% of the booking price.
  • Charges for cancellation insurance, booking fees and change fees are non-refundable.

You can buy cancellation insurance according to the terms described below. The fee for cancellation insurance, booking fees, and change fees are non-refundable. Cancellation insurance will allow you to cancel up to the day before arrival, in certain cases. If you cancel later, you will lose the full price of the booking.

Cancellation insurance may only be purchased at the time of booking. Cancellation insurance applies to all persons named in the booking. If you choose to utilize your cancellation insurance, the bookings of all persons named in the booking confirmation will be cancelled. No partial refund will be made if any of these persons choose to take the tour. The fee is SEK 300 per booking and is nonrefundable. An administrative fee of SEK 200 will be added for bookings of more than SEK 5,000.

Cancellation insurance applies if the following occurs:

A. Death, illness or accident of a serious nature that affects you, your spouse or partner, or the parents, children, siblings or travelling companions of you, your spouse or partner.

B. Induction notices for military service or civil defence.

C. Other serious events beyond your control, such as a major fire or flood in your home, which would render it unreasonable to require you to honour your booking.

You must be able to prove the reason preventing you from travelling with a letter from a doctor, a government agency or an insurance company. Proofs received by VDAB more than seven days after the cancellation date will not be considered.

Any complaints should be directed first to the Lessor/Provider. Complaints must be made without delay. If the defect is not corrected, you should contact VDAB according to the contact information on the booking confirmation. If you failed to seek a remedy in conjunction with the rental period or event and therefore have not given the Lessor/Provider the opportunity to correct any defects, you will have forfeited your right to claim compensation for the defect.

If you are not satisfied with the compensation or remuneration, this must be communicated to Visit Dalarna AB no later than 60 days after departure.

10.1. Right of rescission'

If all or part of your booking according to the booking confirmation cannot be made available to you, and if no alternative arrangements that differ only in minor respects that are not important to you (e.g., a hotel or cabin in the same class) can be made, you have the right to cancel the agreement. You will then get back everything you paid, less the value of any parts of the booking you may have already used. In order to secure your right to cancel the agreement, you must give notice in accordance with the contact information indicated on the booking confirmation, as soon as possible, but no later than three days after the date of arrival.

In the event that the booked product / item cannot be delivered in the standard that Visit Dalarna considers reasonable, Visit Dalarna has the right to offer the customer at least equivalent product / object. In the event that Visit Dalarna offers a new product / object, the customer has the right to withdraw from the agreement as described above.

  • You will receive a written confirmation of your booking.
  • You will receive documents and other information in a timely manner.
  • You will be informed of all significant changes affecting your booking.
  • You may use the room/cottage/apartment from the time specified on the booking confirmation.

You are required to comply with the rules, instructions and other provisions governing travel, accommodations and otherwise. You are required to be considerate and behave in such a way so as not to disturb others or damage property.

You may not use the accommodation for any purpose other than what was agreed upon at the time of booking (usually recreation) and not let additional persons stay overnight in the accommodations or set up tents, caravans, etc on the property.

You must tidy up the accommodations thoroughly before leaving, unless otherwise agreed, and follow the cleaning instructions. If this is not done, VDAB will charge a fee to cover the costs of cleaning.

You are responsible for any damage that you or anyone in your party causes in conjunction with your stay or the event.

12.1 Termination

If you materially breach the provisions of paragraph 12 above, VDAB shall be entitled to terminate the agreement. In the case of temporary event accommodations, the Lessor shall be entitled to terminate the agreement subject to the same conditions as applying to VDAB.

In the event of the agreement is terminated, you and your party must immediately vacate the accommodations and/or cancel any event without any refund of rent. However, you as the guest shall be obligated to reimburse any costs arising from the rescission of the agreement.

By paying, you agree that personal information may be processed by VDAB. The purpose of this is to facilitate customary guest management routines, to ensure that VDAB has access to reliable personal documentation in the event of an accident, to satisfy cancellation insurance conditions and to manage and treat any injuries. The data may also be used to provide information about insurance, payment services and travel-related offers.

The guest can also be contacted for marketing research and marketing purposes, such as newsletters and brochures. In the case of online booking, the customer will receive email confirmation and after departure, a follow-up email with questions. The comments and responses of guests are of great help to us. The responses to questions will be posted as percentages on our website, and will serve to help other travellers in their choice of accommodations. Your comments may be published anonymously on the web or in print. As a guest, you can choose at any time to opt out of mailings and unsubscribe to the newsletter.

Read our privacy policy here!

Learn more about the Personal Data Act (GDPR) at the Data Inspection Board’s site -

Assignment of accommodations and arrangements can be done only prior to departure and with the consent of VDAB. In the case of assignment of travel tickets, where the carrier's conditions so permit, the carrier must be notified of the person to whom the assignment is being made.

VDAB sells tickets for events in Dalarna on behalf of the organizers. In some cases, the organizers have conditions other than those of VDAB. Online booking of tickets requires immediate payment. Tickets purchased will not be exchanged or refunded. See paragraph 16, below.

Most tickets are subject to a service fee. The service fee is non-refundable if an event is cancelled. Purchased tickets cannot be refunded. You, as the customer, are responsible for checking at the time you purchase tickets that events, dates, times and pricing are in accordance with your order.

A booking can be cancelled until the tickets are paid. The provisions of the Distance Contracts Act on the right to cancel do not apply to the purchase of tickets. A ticket that is paid at time of booking is regarded as a purchase, even if the ticket has not yet been delivered. The customer is therefore bound by his or her purchase once payment has been made.

The ticket is a valuable document. Lost, stolen or otherwise missing tickets will not be replaced.

E-tickets (Print at Home) are valuable documents that you are responsible for. It has the same value as a regular ticket. Purchased tickets are not refundable.

Only tickets with an acceptable bar code can be used. This ticket must be printed on A4 format paper as another format may render the barcode unreadable. The ticket would thus not be valid. An acceptable bar code allows one entry only. Unauthorized copying or resale is prohibited.

16.1. Cancelled events

You are responsible for checking that the event has not been cancelled or moved. VDAB will refund tickets on behalf of the organizer of events. Service charges will not be refunded in any case. A service fee may be included in the price of the ticket. Postage and certain fees may be added when tickets are posted to your home. These are non-refundable.

Please refer any questions to VDAB at +46 (0)771-62 62 62 or by sending an email to

In the event the tour or event cannot be implemented due to an impediment beyond the organizer's control that the organizer could not reasonably have foreseen when the agreement was entered into, and the consequences of which the organizer could not reasonably have avoided or overcome, the organizer shall be released from liability or other sanctions. The same applies if the tour or event is cancelled due to anyone who retained, or was retained by, the organizer. We disclaim any liability for changes in the law and changes in prices that are beyond our control.

If we fail to reach an agreement, you may contact the National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN) or a court of general jurisdiction.

Publisher and package tour organizer: Visit Dalarna AB.

If the arrangement is a package tour, the following special conditions shall apply. In other respects, the above General booking terms and conditions will be applied.

The term “Package tour” means an arrangement that has been designed prior to agreement being made, and which consists of several components, such as transportation or accommodations or any of these services in combination with any other tourist services. Accommodations in combination with guided tours, sporting events, concerts or similar events may thus constitute package tours provided that the arrangement lasts more than 24 hours or includes overnight accommodations, tourist services constitute a significant part of the arrangement, and are sold or marketed with an all-in price or different prices that are linked to each other. The mere cost of accommodations such as a holiday cottage rental, taken alone, is not a package tour.

As the organizer, VDAB is responsible to you for what you have a right to expect as a result of the agreement. This responsibility also includes actions to be accomplished by someone other than VDAB. Information in catalogues, brochures and on the website are binding on VDAB, but may be changed before an agreement is reached, if a clear proviso regarding this has been made, and you have clearly been informed of the change. VDAB disclaims responsibility for any printing errors or clerical errors.

As the organizer, VDAB is responsible for ensuring that:

  • You get a confirmation of your booking and other necessary documents.
  • You receive information on how payment should be made, and where the key can be obtained, and are otherwise informed of other issues of importance for the package tour.
  • The package tour matches the description on the confirmation.

VDAB is not responsible for the promises that third parties may have made to you directly without the knowledge of VDAB, and of which VDAB was neither aware, nor should have been aware.

Changes of the conditions prior to departure or suspension of a package tourVDAB may change the terms of package tour to your detriment only if it is clear from the agreement that this is permitted.

If cost increases for VDAB take place after the agreement has become binding on the Parties, VDAB may raise the price of the tour corresponding to the increase in costs, if the cost increase is due to:

  • Changes in the transportation costs
  • Changes in taxes, duties or other fees for services included in the tour or changes in exchange rates that affect VDAB’s costs for the tour.

The price may not be increased during the last 20 days prior to arrival date and shall be promptly communicated to you. The package tour price will be reduced if VDAB’s costs more than 20 days before the date of arrival decrease for the same reasons as stated above. Cost increases or decreases of less than SEK 60 are not taken into consideration.

You may rescind the agreement if VDAB declares that they will not fulfil what they have undertaken, and this breach is of material importance to you. You may also rescind the agreement if the terms are substantially changed to your detriment.

If VDAB intends to breach the agreement, or to change the terms of the agreement, VDAB must notify you as soon as possible and then provide notice of your right to rescind the agreement as stated above.

You are required to notify VDAB within a reasonable time that you wish to rescind. If you fail to do so, you will have lost your right to rescind the agreement

Substitute tour and damages

If you rescind the agreement, you are entitled to another package tour that is of equal or higher quality, if VDAB can offer one. If you accept an inferior substitute tour, you will be entitled to compensation for the difference in price.

If you waive your right to a substitute tour, or such a tour is not offered, you will be entitled to a timely refund of any amounts you have paid under the agreement.

The provisions of the two preceding paragraphs shall also apply if VDAB cancels the tour through no fault of yours.

In order for you to be entitled to rescind the agreement, you are required to notify VDAB as soon as possible but no later than three days after arrival. Otherwise, you will have forfeited your right to claim compensation for the defect.

In the cases described above, you have the right to recover damages from VDAB, if these are reasonable.

There is no right to damages as a result of VDAB cancelling the tour, if VDAB can show that:

1. Fewer people than the minimum number specified in the agreement signed up for the tour, and that you were informed within the time provided in the agreement that the tour had been cancelled.

2. The tour could not go ahead due to an impediment beyond the control of VDAB that VDAB could not reasonably have foreseen when the agreement was entered into, and the consequences of which VDAB could not reasonably have avoided or overcome

If the cancellation of the tour is due to someone who VDAB has retained, VDAB shall be excluded from liability pursuant to paragraph 2 above, only if the entity that VDAB has retained would be free from liability under that provision.

Changes after departure etc

If, after departure, a significant part of the contracted services cannot be provided, VDAB shall arrange suitable alternative arrangements at no additional cost to you.

If a compensation arrangement cannot be furnished, or if you reject such an arrangement on acceptable grounds, VDAB, if reasonable, and at no additional cost to you, shall provide equivalent transport back to the place of departure or to another place that you approve.

If a change in the package tour pursuant to the first or second paragraph is to your detriment, you will be entitled to a price reduction and damages, to the extent this is reasonable.

Other defects

In the case of defects regarding the agreed services other than those listed above, you have the right to a price reduction and damages, unless the error is due to you.

You are not entitled to damages if the organizer shows that the defect was due to an impediment beyond the control of VDAB that VDAB could not reasonably have foreseen when the agreement was concluded and the consequences of which it could not reasonably have avoided or overcome.

If the fault lies with an entity that VDAB has retained, VDAB shall be free from liability under the second paragraph only if the entity retained would be free under this provision. The same applies if the fault lies with someone retained by VDAB beforehand.

Any damages for injuries or losses covered by the provisions of the Maritime Act (1994:1009), the Civil Aviation Act (1957:297), the Railway Act (1985:192) or the Act (1985:193) concerning International Carriage by Rail, shall be refunded with the maximum amount specified in the laws in force when the injury occurred. You are responsible for mitigating your loss.

Assignment of agreement

You have the right to substitute someone else in your place and VDAB must accept that person, absent special circumstances. One such circumstance, for example, may be that substitution of traveller must be approved by the carrier or other person VDAB retained. You must notify any change of person no later than five days prior to the departure or return journey. VDAB shall be entitled to charge a cancellation fee of SEK 150. If the agreement is assigned, the transferor and transferee are jointly liable to VDAB for paying the balance of the tour and for additional costs that may arise due to the transfer.

VDAB must provide you with information about passport and visa requirements for countries within the European Economic Area, to the extent this information is significant. However, you are responsible for observing the necessary formalities for the tour.

General booking terms for Visit Dalarna AB were last updated on 2024-06-07