Cross country skiing in Rättvik

Ski slopes that border cultivation landscapes, but also real forests, wilderness and forest roads. Skating in Rättvik is to discover a varied ski landscape and equally varied possibilities. The Jarl area of Rättvik, Boda, Furudal, Tammeråsen and Nittsjö are just some of the highlights you can explore with skis and boots on the feet.

Close to the center of Rättvik is the Jarl area, where Jarlstugan is the starting point for the track system that includes both illuminated tracks, day trails, artificial snow tracks and long tracks. The artificial snow tracks are prepared for both classical and free technology. Looking outside Rättvik you will find many villages and communities where the cross country skiing offers beautiful scenery and genuine surroundings. Ski the 5 kilometer long trail between Hjortgården and Nittsjö, take you up to the snow-proof Tammeråsen for a walk on the woods or discover the nature and the wilderness of Boda or Furudal.

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