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Mat & dryck i dalarna

Eat & Drink in Dalarna

Home grown and homemade - There are plenty of places in Dalarna where you can buy great tasting local food from the producers themselves. Dalarna is dotted with farms with their own shops selling meat, sausages, dairy products, vegetables, bread, etc. You should visit a farm shop or working mountain dairy for an authentic taste of Dalarna. How about a visit to Sahlins Struts ostrich farm, or Hansjö dairy, or even the legendary Leksand Crispbread bakery?

Sahlins Struts ostrich farm
Enjoy a day out with the family at this ostrich farm outside Borlänge. Join an ostrich safari, eat ostrich egg ice cream, grilled ostrich burgers and enjoy the other activities here. Visit the onsite farm shop for feather dusters, lamps, ostrich oil and soap.

Summertime there is a café serving ostrich-themed lunch and dinner. There are also guided tours for those who want to learn more about ostriches. 

Hansjö dairy
In the centre of idyllic Hansjö is a farm with some 80 cows. Hansjö dairy produces and sells blue cheese, hard cheese, buttermilk, cream cheese and cheesecake. You can also buy products such as raw milk. All the products sold here come from the milk from the dairy’s own cows, milked the same day. That’s what we call fresh. 

Leksand Crispbread
One of Sweden's most popular crispbreads is manufactured in the town of Leksand. The bread is baked exclusively from locally-grown Swedish rye. At the bread factory in Leksand there is also a shop where you can buy freshly baked bread, crispbread tins, local food and souvenirs from the area. 

Working mountain dairy farms
Visit a pasture farm, where the animals are taken for summer grazing. In days gone by there were hundreds of these farms in Dalarna and some of them are still used to this day. A visit to a working mountain farm is a chance to get back to nature and meet the owners of these unique places, as some welcome visitors and run cafés during the summer. Cows and goats are grazed here and their milk is used to produce cheese, butter and whey cheese.

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