Cross-country skiing in Malung

Cross-country skiing is the perfect activity for anyone who wants to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of nature or test their physical limits. Malung’s cross-country trails offer something for almost everyone. As well as well-maintained trails in central Malung, there are also several other popular areas nearby, such as the Sälen mountains and the Vasalopp arena nature reserve.

Cross-country skiing is a wonderful winter activity that almost everyone can enjoy. In Malung and the surrounding area there are several trails to discover during your winter holiday, whether you’re in training for a race or just want to enjoy the great outdoors with your family. There are a number of cross-country trails that start from Malung’s sports ground. The classic Skinnarlopp cross-country race is run here every year and the 21km-long Skinnarlopp trail is a popular route throughout the winter. There are also shorter tracks, illuminated to allow skiing after darkness falls.

From Malung, Sälen and the entire Vasalopp arena nature reserve are easily accessible. During the winter the 90km route between Sälen and Mora is ski-able, weather and snow permitting. In other words, there are endless opportunities to perfect your technique and experience the route on which the iconic Vasalopp cross-country race is skied every year. There are also numerous crosscountry tracks in the Sälen mountains, with its many ski resorts. You can also take a peaceful tour up along the mountain ridges, looking out over the panoramic views.

Hire your ski gear in Malung, where companies can help you find the right equipment for your needs. In and around Malung there are several operators with a wide selection of different cross-country skis, poles and boots. They can also provide tips and advice on the tracks and facilities in the surrounding area.

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