Hiking in Dalarna

Experience Dalarna's natural beauty on foot.

Rambling among majestic mountains? Town-based strolls along the Dalälven river and rich historic landscapes? Hiking easy-to-access forest trails and wide-open fells near lakes and rivers? A short walk to visit the world’s oldest tree, or the highest waterfall in Sweden? Dalarna has them all. Several of the best areas for walking are easy to get to by car and are well-signposted with signs displaying distances and directions. There are rest huts and shelters for stop offs, overnight stays, or cooking an open-air meal. Whether you join a guided tour or follow your own path, here is a selection of our tips for fantastic walking in Dalarna!

Hike the glorious alpine trails of Dalarna

Dalarna is home to Sweden’s most easily accessible mountains and walking its ancient trails in the summer sun or among rich autumn colours is a magical way to experience the peace and beauty of this alpine environment. Follow the well-signed paths and pick lingon and cloudberries, spot reindeer and take a break in mountain huts along the way.

Get inspired by nature at Fulufjället National Park
Fulufjället national park is a fantastic place to walk and hike. With its varied terrain of mountain and moorland, Fulufjället national park is very easy on the eye. Walk the well-signed network of trails with 140 km of marked paths. Fulufjället is also home to one of Sweden´s highest waterfall and the oldest tree in the world, a 9,550-year-old spruce called Old Tjikko. Visit early on a midsummer morning to see the morning sun glistening off Njupeskär waterfall, enjoy the stunning colours in autumn, or come in winter when the water is frozen to a cascade of ice. June is the time to best appreciate the park’s rich birdlife and if you’re quiet enough on a summer’s evening you may spot moose or beaver. The expert staff at Fulufjället’s visitor centre will be happy to give you suggestions for walks – the easy, child-friendly path down to Njupeskärs waterfall, for example – and there are exhibitions, activities, talks and guided tours.

Magical Mountain memories
In the northernmost corner of Dalarna, the road ends and the mountains stretch out in front of you. The Grövelsjö mountain range is a paradise for walkers with its easily accessible trails. Take the boat across the lake to Sylen in Norway and walk back across the mountain or choose one of the many trails that start from Grövelsjön Fjällstation or Sjöstugan. This is a good one if you’re walking with kids, with accommodation at the mountain station and camping pitches.

Discover Sami culture
Idre in northern Dalarna is home to Sweden’s most southern Sami village. Here the reindeer graze freely on the mountain slopes and in the forests. This is a wonderful place to experience Sami culture up close. The Andersson family, one of four Sami families in Idre Sameby, runs Renbiten enterprise which combines reindeer herding and the running of a shop and cafe. They also offer a wide range of Sami experiences and guided tours with their tame reindeer. During the tours you can join the reindeer herders at work and listen to stories around the fire in the gåetie, the traditional tipi or tent of the nomadic Sami people. 

Follow ancient trails
Södra Kungsleden stretches across Sweden’s southernmost mountain range, from Rogen on the border with Jämtland down towards Sälen – a distance of around 150 km. The well-trodden trail goes through Töfsingdalen and Fulufjället national parks, across several peaks as well as through Idre Sami village’s summer pasture land. Break up your hike into shorter stages and stay the night in mountain huts, wind shelters or cabins along the way.

Wake up to the pure mountain air at Idre Fjäll
The accommodation at Idre Fjäll is right at the foot of the mountain, within walking distance of everything the resort has to offer. In the summer you can walk the well-signed mountain paths, try out some of the cross-country trails, go horse riding, western-style or swing through the treetops in the adventure track. There’s also an outdoor pool with waterslides and a mountain farm with animals close by. An 18-hole golf course is 11 km away.

Hike in untouched nature and wilderness

Despite its accessibility, Dalarna has large areas of untouched nature and wilderness and an abundance of wildlife. Look for traces of moose, beaver and lynx on safari, or simply walk in the peaceful forests and mountains.

Explore limestone caves
Sméleden begins in Björsjö outside Smedjebacken. Sméleden is a 57km long walking path with plenty of interesting places to visit along the route. You’ll pass a number of old mines and mine areas, including Flogbergets mine which is a popular attraction for all the family. Sméleden then continues past Schisshyttan and Jätturns nature reserve where there’s a limestone cave that can only be reached by the rowing boat that you’ll find there. There’s also a lovely place to stop for a picnic right by the lake.

Thrilling adventures below ground
Explore the underworld at Äventyrsgruvan mine in Tuna Hästberg outside the town of Borlänge. It´s a disused iron ore mine that has become a destination for exciting underground adventures. Far beneath the surface, the mining tunnels wind their way through the mountain between huge caves, like those you find in fairy tales. Join a guided tour exploring deep below ground.

In the middle of the wilderness at Säfsen resort
Säfsen in the south of Dalarna is surrounded by silent forests and distant blue mountains. Perfect vacation place for families, you live in cozy log cabins with close distance to activities, restaurant and the best part – nature is just around the corner. Walk forest trails between the lakes, pick mushrooms and berries, canoe or fish in Säfsjön lake, or go for a swim on a warm summer’s evening. Säfsen offers top class cross-country cycling and the chance to explore the great outdoors, all in one place.

Walk through ancient forests and rich surroundings

Experience the sound of silence in deep, old-growth forests or hike trails through some of Dalarna’s most fascinating natural and cultural areas. Be transported back in time as you follow in the paths of kings and summer pasture farmers and trace the tracks of the industries that were vital to the province’s economy.

In royal footsteps
Sälen (C6) is the starting point of the classic 90 km-long Vasaloppet trail that roughly follows the Vasaloppet ski race route, all the way down to Mora. This is a walk-through varying terrain, and you can split it up into stages. Paths with sheltered forest glades, where you can rest by a beautiful woodland lake, give way to open marshland, where the route runs over boardwalks when it’s boggy.

Wander back in time 
Pråmleden is an old iron ore transport route that crosses several waterway systems and the border between Dalarna and Gästrikland. Today it’s a nature and cultural trail rich with history and varied trails for walking, biking and canoeing. Visit old mines, blast furnaces and ironworks and enjoy the peace as you pass through beautiful farmlands and forests. (I9) 

Hike ups and downs 
Siljansleden is some 340 km long and encircles both lake Siljan and Orsasjön. The path, which follows the old paths up to summer pasturelands, passes through magnificent countryside views and deep forests. Take a short walk or longer hike over several days, stopping off at the many rest stops and lakes to swim or fish. 

Go with the flow
Running water was a necessity for running the pumps and water wheels at Falun Mine and for processing the ore. Follow part or all of the 30 kms of paths and roads along Vattnets väg, Sweden’s oldest maintained waterways, all the way to the mine. See old blast furnaces, traditional timber houses, dams and dam workers’ homes in beautiful World Heritage natural surroundings. 

Stay under the stars in the easily-accessible wilderness
The Gyllbergen nature reserve has attracted outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers for many decades. A short journey from Borlänge, the area has Dalarna’s largest untouched forests with 250-year-old Scots pines. There are miles of walking paths of varying lengths and levels of difficulty, as well as rest and grill areas, and numerous simple wind shelters where you can sleep under the stars.

Follow the river route
Take the Säterdalen trail for easily-accessible walks in a unique ravine system running through jungle-like woodland with prodigious ferns and plant species together with a rich birdlife. The ravine plunges 40–50 m down in places and at its bottom the Ljusterån river winds its way to the Dalälven river. The hiking trail largely follows the bank of the river, passing most of the sights in Säterdalen.


Att vandra i Dalarna är ett fantastiskt tillfälle att upptäcka ett varierat landskap bland böljande ängar, trolsk skog och blånande berg. Dalarna erbjuder många mil av leder, från söder till norr, som väntar på att utforskas! Dessa filmer går igenom vad som är bra att tänka på, både för er som knyter vandringskängorna för första gången och för er som har större erfarenhet.

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