Cross country skiing in Vansbro


Snöå is the placer to go skiing in Vansbro. The ski stadium in Dala-Järna is the municipality's hub for cross-country skiing, and both locals and visitors find out in the various ski slots.

In Dala-Järna in Vansbro municipality Snöå Ski staium offers well-prepared cross country tracks. Here are all the shorter kilometers around the stadium for those who are new for skiing as well as longer lanes in more hilly terrain for hikers who are looking for a bigger challenge. The winters when the snowfall is good and it is possible to draw trails on the longer lanes, it is also possible to get up on the heights where the mountains offer beautiful and scenic views. In addition, if skiing is summertime and the roller skis are available, it is possible to practice the Snöås roller coaster track designed by the son of Vansbro Gunde Svan.

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