Cross country skiing in Leksand

In Leksand there are many nice trails for those who want to go cross country skiing. Granberget, Länken, Källan, Insjön, Siljansnäs and Tällberg together make up a large number of options for the staunchest skiier.

The cross-country trails in Granberget outside Leksand are based on the top of Granberget, with more than 30 km of groomed trails available if the snow is good. From the top of Granberget you will also continue via the link to the illuminated trail at Källan. If you travel the entire route, with the loops from Källan to Granberg and back, you have collected over 30 km in the track. In both Insjön and Siljansnäs there are illuminated trail with additional day trails. Visiting Tällberg there is a 7.5 kilometer long trail through the cozy forests around the village.

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