Welcome to Dalarna

The heart of Sweden and a living testament to Sweden's history!

A home for traditions that extend all the way back to the Viking era, through a rich and eventful history – traditions that continue to thrive to this day, accessible and relivable for all visitors.

A person looking at the blue water down in the adventure mine.

Dalarnas travel trade

In Dalarna, you can promise your clients a journey that not only through the stunning mountains, lakes, and breathtaking landscapes but also weaves through the fabric of time itself. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of history, savor the joys of the present in the midst of unspoiled nature, and glimpse the innovative horizons of the future. Prepare your clients for an extraordinary four-dimensional voyage, where every step is a discovery, and every moment is a bridge between the past, present, and future.

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Why Include Dalarna

A folk costume.

Swedish Culture and Tradition

Embark on a journey to the place where Sweden's heart beats the strongest, amidst pristine nature and living traditions. Dalarna invites you to explore the rich Swedish cultural heritage, from fascinating folklore to genuine craftsmanship.

Girls in folk costumes during a midsummer celebration.

Midsummer Celebration

Be part of Sweden's largest and most authentic Midsummer celebration. In Dalarna, where traditions are kept alive, you can dance around the maypole, dress in folk costumes, and savor locally produced food and drink in a festivity that welcomes everyone.

The waterfall Njupeskär.

Unique Nature That Moves You

Discover landscapes ranging from deep forests to sparkling lakes and mountains. Dalarna's nature is a soulful retreat, perfect for hiking, skiing, and moments of quiet by a fireside under starry skies.

An old veteran car on a road towards a lake.

The Gathering Place of Traditions

Dalarna is where Swedes return year after year to celebrate traditional festivities. Become part of the community that keeps Swedish traditions alive.

Newly painted Dalahorses.

Activities with Historical Roots

Engage in activities that have been practiced for generations, from the art of making an authentic Dala Horse to participating in local music and dance performances that convey stories of the past.

View over lakes and rivers.

A Strong Brand on the Global Map

Dalarna is not just a source of pride for Sweden but a destination that attracts visitors from around the world thanks to its unique offering of culture, nature, and hospitality.

Seasons and weather

The seasons and weather In Dalarna are like AI-generated filters that give the landscape an incredibly beautiful contrast and blend perfectly into the picture and the nature. Four distinct seasons reflect different aspects of beauty for all visitors, during any season. From a serene, snow-covered winter to a vibrant, blossoming spring, followed by a rich, sun-kissed summer, and concluding with a strikingly colorful autumn. 


December - February:
Cold, usually between -5°C to -15°C

A view over winter landscape.


March - May:
Chilly to mild, between 0°C to +10°C.

Spring flowers blooming.


June - August:
Pleasant, usually between +15°C to +25°C.

A family is canoeing.


September - November:
Cooler, between +10°C to around 0°C.

Two persons walking in the mountains during color changes in autumn.