Colorful culture


Sweden's cultural heart and soul

Symbols considered as Swedish as Swedish can be, such as the red wooden Dala horse decorated with cubits painting, or scenes of Midsummer celebrations, are as Dalarna as Dalarna can be. The brightly coloured folk costumes; girls in bodice with bonnets on their heads, and the lads in breeches, reminiscent of an Anders Zorn painting, are as iconic of Dalarna as they are of Sweden.

There are many cultural attractions in Dalarna and some that have to be on your Dalarna ‘bucket list’. One is joining in the dancing at a Midsummer celebration in any town or village in Dalarna at the end of June. Another has to be the Falun Copper Mine and surroundings, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The profits from the copper extracted here helped Sweden to become a major European power back in the 17th and 18th centuries. And the famous ‘Falu red’ colour that half of all the houses in Sweden are painted in, it comes from the mine.  Take the underground tour and visit the Mine Museum, you won’t regret it.

Other cultural beacons in Dalarna include the Zorn Museum and the Zorn House in the town of Mora, as well as the Carl Larsson house in Sundborn  just outside Falun. For open-air concerts head for the acoustically superb Dalhalla open-air concert venue near Rättvik. The setting, in a disused quarry, is as spectacular as the sounds you are likely hear.

Cultural events