Cross-country skiing in Sälen

There are few places in Sweden as closely associated with cross-country skiing as Sälen. Thanks largely to the iconic Vasalopp ski race, but also due to the fact that the area surrounding Sälen and the Sälen mountains offers numerous excellent and varied cross-country tracks and routes in beautiful natural surroundings. Tundra, forest terrain, illuminated tracks, challenging bends and easy tracks. All easily accessible from your cabin.

You’ll find the classic start-line for the Vasalopp ski race in Berga by, where tens of thousands of skiers head off every year towards the finish line in Mora. The event has made Sälen synonymous with cross-country skiing for many people. Start from Sälen and ski the beautifully maintained tracks of the Vasalopp arena - the perfect way to get the feel of the course if you’re considering running the race.

The ski facilities in the Sälen mountains - like Kläppen, Skistar, Högfjällshotellet and Stöten – also offer well-maintained tracks and varied trails for all ability levels. Book a ski lesson or take a course to learn how to cross-country ski from scratch or develop your technique.

Cross-country skiing in Sälen and the Sälen mountains is also much more than classic skiing - You can also try out skiing on the tundra or more undiscovered forest terrain. Put on your skis, pack a rucksack and head out to discover the countryside and natural surroundings. There are also plenty of guided ski tours and experiences you can join.

In short, there’s something to suit for anyone who wants to experience cross-county skiing in Sälen. There are almost 250 kilometres of prepared ski tracks, from short tracks in forest and mountain surroundings ideal for anyone skiing with children to longer tours right across the spectacular mountains.

Best of all, many of the ski tracks in Sälen begin right outside your door. There’s a wide range accommodation to choose from close to the tracks, from cabins and apartments to luxurious hotels.

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