Travel to Dalarna

Nothing makes us happier than when people want to visit Dalarna. Here you will find information on how to travel to us and within. But in order for the next generation to have the opportunity to experience our landscape in the same wonderful way as today, we need to help each other. On this page, we do not only list how to travel here and within Dalarna, but also how you can travel with care. Read our 6 tips on how to travel with care.

Make conscious choices when traveling

There are many ways to travel to and within Dalarna. By calculating the climate footprint of your trip, you can make a conscious choice based on your possibilities.

To experience Dalarna with all your senses, explore on foot or by bike.

Electric car charging at a charging post.
A man with a backpack stands by a stream in the forest.

Take care of nature

Nature is one of our greatest assets and is accessible to everyone. By showing consideration and leaving no traces behind, you contribute to ensuring that everyone who wants to spend time in nature has a great experience.

  • What are we allowed to do and not do in nature? Learn more about the Right of Public Access – everyone's right but also responsibility.
  • Hike with a guide. Find unique places and learn more about the nature by booking a nature guide.
  • Be prepared. By keeping an eye on the weather, checking for any fire bans, as well as knowing the opening hours and accessibility of the place you want to visit, you will have better conditions for a great nature experience.
  • Make wise choices. Choose a hiking trail that suits your ability and pack smart.

Show respect for Dalarna's cultural heritage

We are proud of and gladly share Dalarna's strong cultural history, with crafts, historical environments, famous individuals, and language. Here's how you can help preserve Dalarna's cultural heritage for the future:

  • Take a guided tour in a cultural environment or learn about the Sami culture.
  • Ask the locals for help in finding hidden gems to visit, taste local food, and buy from local artisans.
  • Listen to the stories at our local heritage sites or mountain pasture environments.
  • Find out what you can and cannot do at the places you visit and respect the existing protections.
  • Make sure that the product you purchase is local and authentic, and show consideration for Dalarna's animals and people.
A group of red-painted wooden dala horses.
A woman fills a black coffee pot with water from a stream.

Households with resources

We all need to help each other take responsibility for how and when we use our resources. Electricity and water should be available to everyone regardless of time, and nature should be kept clean from litter.

  • Use the containers available for sorting and recycling where you are. If they are missing, take your waste to a recycling station.
  • Use water sparingly when showering and washing dishes. Take care of the water in nature and consider where you empty dirty water, dishes, or wash yourself.
  • Feel free to fill your bottle with Dalarna's good tap water instead of buying.
  • Save electricity in any way you can, especially during peak consumption times: 7-9am in the morning and 5-7pm in the evening.

Avoid crowded areas

At certain times of the year, Dalarna is particularly popular. Choosing to visit outside of major holidays and peak season can make your experience completely different and somewhat unique.

  • Seize the opportunity to enjoy the fifth season of spring-winter, the vibrant start of autumn, or perhaps a spring concert.
  • Discover unique experiences beyond the major attractions; maybe you'll be drawn to a waterfall safari?
  • Disconnect and find peace. Find experiences for peace and quiet in Dalarna.
Two people look out over an autumnal mountain landscape.
A pair of hands hold a plate with a flatbread with sausage on it.

Choose local

Benefits of choosing locally produced goods, food, and experiences contribute to a vibrant community in the place you visit.

  • Discover the food craftsmanship of Dalarna. Travel around local farm shops and producers - Inquire about local food at the restaurant or café you visit.
  • How to see and experience more by participate in local traditions, artists, events, and exhibitions.
  • Bringing a Piece of Dalarna Home. Take a course in local craftsmanship.