View over the mountains in Dalarna.

Get to know nature in Dalarna for real

Enjoy a holiday just the two of you, where you can experience nature up close and feel the winds of freedom in your hair. Experience summer in Dalarna - a place where unspoilt nature and authentic culture meet and create unforgettable memories. Welcome to the Dala way of living.

Meet Dalarna with body and soul

Mora Hotel believes that Dalarna is magical and proves it through flavours in a four-star way. With locally produced ingredients and lots of love, you get a truly authentic experience of Dalarna's culinary traditions. Topped with the historic environment of the hotel's restaurant, the unbeatable view of Lake Siljan and just 100 metres from the world-famous finish line of Vasaloppet.

picture collage of food.
Photo: Sara Rönne, Joakim Norenius and Anna Holm.

Mora Hotel and Spa offers several packages with hotel stays and activities. For example, try the hiking package. Go on a two-day hike where you pack your lunch bag with what you want from the restaurant's breakfast buffet and come back to comfortable hotel beds in the evening. Within a 10-minute walk from the hotel there are three nature reserves with beautiful hiking trails. Choose according to your level of ambition, such as Hykjeberg, Fryksås or perhaps Siljansnäs Naturum with the viewing tower where you can enjoy a seven-mile view on a clear day. Ask Mora Hotel's Outdoor Manager for a tour that suits you. 

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Go exploring in the mountain environment

Lövåsgårdens Fjällhotell is located in Grövelsjöfjällen, about 804 metres above sea level, which gives you a mountain feeling as soon as you arrive. Grövelsjöfjällen offers fantastic nature experiences and great opportunities for hiking and fishing.

Pictures of Lövåsgårdens Fjällhotell.
Photo: Rania Rönntoft.

Go out among reindeers and lichen jays, rushing water and majestic views. You can start the hike directly at the hotel, just a 15-minute walk takes you directly up the mountain. Book a guided mountain hike for the chance to learn more about the area's mountain plants, animals and history. Or enjoy the mountain air, the wide open spaces, the beautiful mountain forest and the views from some of the mountain peaks on your own. For those who want to fish with breathtaking views, this is the place to do it! Here you can fish for trout, char and grayling in streams, ponds or rivers. The area is relatively unexploited despite the excellent conditions - enjoy the tranquillity!

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Experience nature up close

The experienced guides leading the tour are experts in hiking in Scandinavian nature. Lars and Elin at Scandinavian Adventure Travels know most of the trails, accommodation sites, mountain stations, small streams, old pine trees and details that will give you a memorable hike.

Magic view over the nature.
Photo: Scandinavian Adventure Travels.

The nature experience is in focus. The tranquillity of the mountain environment gives you time to observe bird life, plant species and geology, or culture and history. The hike takes you to beautiful places, with miles of views and often protected or untouched nature. 

The proximity to the mountain, with ski tracks and hiking trails that start at the farm, makes the conditions good for a wonderful mountain holiday.

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Fly fishing for all your senses

Michael changes his fly to one that is microscopically larger and immediately catches a trout. He is an avid angler and runs Anglerman Fishing in Älvdalen in northern Dalarna. Michael's family has lived here for 500 years and he himself speaks, among many other languages, the ancient Älvdalen dialect. A dialect that today is likened to a separate language as it is incomprehensible even to most Swedes.

Pictures of fishing.
Photo: Sara Rönne.

Join everything from a trial course in fly fishing to a three-day guided tour in search of grayling and pike as well as the mythical char. Together with Michael and his long experience, you get a fishing experience that fills your senses. The cooling water, the current moving over rocks and down into holes, the smell of pine and a crackling fire. When it's time for a break, you'll have the chance to try the local favourite kolbulla, a pancake-like bread, fried over an open fire and served on the beach with lingonberry jam and strong Swedish coffee. 

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Unique experiences in the Siljan Geopark district

Want to explore Dalarna outside the tourist areas? Then take the opportunity to join Green Owl Travel on different adventures in the scenic areas around the lake of Siljan. Together with local guides you can discover the unique environment far from the touristy places. You will spend your days in nature and enjoy outdoor meals. What about a tasty Waffle hike in Siljan Geopark or a Village Safari Tour?

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Photo: Anna Holm and Sara Rönne.

In summer, Green Owl Travel offers guided day trips such as hiking, Village safari,  wilderness safari. From deep forests to unique experiences of Swedish culture and a way of life. Discover the picturesque villages north of Siljan and take part in traditional crafts, such as learning to carve and paint a Dala horse.

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Close to nature at dusk

Imagine silently gliding along a narrow and winding river at dusk. During the Swedish summer, darkness falls slowly and late. Make the most of it, during the twilight hours the wildlife is at its most active and the chance of seeing animals increases significantly. Let the canoe glide smoothly and almost silently and you can watch the wildlife or just enjoy the peace and quiet and not hear any other sounds than nature's own.

Picures of outdoor activities.
Photo: Rania Rönntoft.

Next Step Nature in Dala-Floda focuses on nature experiences at a leisurely pace, providing as much room for relaxation and peaceful enjoyment as for exercise. Take a basic kayaking course or refine your paddling skills with knowledgeable guides.
On land, ancient forests, marshes and steep cliffs await you, made for exciting hikes. Don't miss Predikstolen, with its magnificent view of the landscape. The cliff rises 400 metres above sea level and you can see far from here. The sunny location also means that many so-called "south mountain plants" thrive here. Take the opportunity to learn more about the forest and its inhabitants.

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New ways to climb and paddle in the mountains

Well hidden in the forests around Rörbäcksnäs is the Via Ferrata rock. Via Ferrata is Italian and means "via wire". Here you will find your next adventure. Via Ferrata is a climbing route that is equipped with fixed safety devices on the cliff so that climbers can get around safely. Never climbed before? Then this is the perfect place to try it - you'll be secured by the rope all the way and can feel calm and confident throughout the trail.

Pictures of kayak activities.
Photo: More Activities.

While you're on the subject of adventure, try a new way of seeing nature with More Activities. On a packrafting trip, you paddle in a double or single kayak on gently flowing water through the nature of Sälenfjällen. Packrafting is just as exciting for beginners as it is for experienced paddlers. Packrafting boats are agile and work just as well in calm waters as they do for canoeing. Of course, you will receive tips and instructions from guides along the way.

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Experience the world heritage site Falun

In the 17th century, the Falun mine was Sweden's largest and most modern workplace. As much as 70 percent of the copper in Europe came from here. Falun Mine had a great influence on the technical, social and political development of Sweden and Europe and contributed to shape the Swedish industrial society to what it is today. The Falu mine, together with the town and the surrounding mining community, is on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites. Being classified as a World Heritage Site means that the environment is considered so important to human history that it should be preserved for all time. Not to be missed!

Pictures of activities.
Photo: Aktivt familjeliv and Anna Holm.

Exploring the mine is an exciting experience 67 metres underground. The guides take you through dizzying mine tunnels, large halls and past deep shafts. It's important to watch your step! Along the way, you will learn about the thousand-year history of the mine and the tales and legends that still live on. 

Above ground there are many traces of hundreds of years of mining. The mighty opencast mine Stora Stöten spreads out, bordered by slag heaps and scattered red buildings. Put on your hiking boots or hop on your bike and explore the unique environment on one of the many biking and hiking trails around the mine. Vattnets väg, The Water's Way, for example, where you walk along the ditches and streams that were once dug to supply the mine with the important water power. These are Sweden's oldest preserved waterways linked to mining. Along what is today a hiking trail with both shorter and longer loops, there are mediaeval cabins, miners' farms and dam houses to stop at. In total, Vattnets väg consists of 30 kilometres of trails in beautiful nature.

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Enjoy unspoilt nature beyond the roads

Fulufjället National Park has a lot to offer for those who want to experience nature for real. For example, hike to Njupeskär, which with its impressive 93 metre drop is the highest waterfall in Dalarna. Or visit Old Tjikko, the world's oldest tree, which has survived for 9,550 years. Once you get off the beaten track, there's even more to discover. Rösjöstugorna is located in Fulufjället on the shores of Rösjön and Harrsjön. In the summer, you can only come here by foot, to experience nature beyond the roads and at the end of the internet. Here you live simply up on the bare mountain with only fabulous nature as a neighbour. Get drinking water directly from the mountain stream and burn wood in a classic stove. Take a dip in the fresh mountain stream or book the popular sauna.

People hiking at Fulufjället national park.
Photo: Anna Holm.

Fulufjället National Park is characterised by mighty primaeval forests that bring to mind the world of fairy tales and enchanting mountain landscapes where sparkling streams meander. Tommy and Sandra at EcoAdventure offer guided tours for small groups to places that are not on the tourist map. Of course, with locally produced and organic food in your rucksack. Join an adventure on nature's terms! There is no noise pollution, no light pollution – just clean air, clean water and fantastic fishing.

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