Hiking in Malung

Hiking in Malung is an experience for all the senses, the peaceful countryside surrounding the area’s hiking trails providing space for new impressions. There are several trails to choose from with different lengths and levels of difficulty. Walk along the Västerdal river through deep forests,up to the top of the mountainous Tandövala nature reserve or over vast sandstone plateaus. So pull on your hiking boots, hit the trails and breathe in the pure mountain air.

The forests surrounding Malung, as well as nearby Lima and Öje, are home to numerous beautiful hiking trails, of varying length and difficulty. One walking path in Malung that’s both close to the centre of town and wheelchair accessible is the 1km-long Kringelkroken. It follows the Västerdal river’s eastern shoreline and it’s also a continuation of Hälsostigen, another popular and attractive walk. Hälsostigen is 5km long and follows along the path of Malung’s old railway tracks, the river shoreline and runs between lake Hällsjöviken and the southern part of lake Mosjön.

Eggarnas nature reserve outside Malung is a popular outdoor recreation area which, as well as offering opportunities for hiking in wilderness-like surroundings, is also interesting from a geological perspective. Malungsåsen, the Malung esker, runs through the area and its trenches and ridges, completely unchanged since the last ice age, are unique to the Västerdal river. Another much.loved outdoor recreation area is Byråsen, which has several fitness trails and hiking paths - as well as wonderful views over Malung.

You’ll also come across several summer pasture farms -fäbodar - in Malung, giving a unique flavour to hiking in the area. Walk the 17 km-long Fäbodstigen, past three summer pasture farms, along the trails which were once used by people accompanying their animals out to their summer pastures in the forest. At several different spots along the trail you’ll find information signs giving interesting information about the history of the forest and local agriculture. Another summer pasture walk starts at Yttermalung’s campsite and goes on to Myckelberget, a challenging hike over varying terrain with hills and fens. From Myckelberget there’s the option to hike further, up to Klacken, the highest point in the area with spectacular views, for example, or on to Torrberget before heading back to Yttermalung. again.

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