Hiking in Sälen

Hiking in Sälen is accessible mountain hiking at its very best. It’s easy getting out into the mountains and there are masses of different trails and hikes to choose from. Hike with children on shorter trips, head out on a day hike, or why not a multi-day adventure? Hiking in Sälen and the Sälen mountains is varied and there’s something for everyone here.

An easily-accessible mountain holiday awaits you in Sälen. The area is perfect for anyone looking to hike in beautiful, varied natural surroundings and there are numerous different hiking paths to choose from, whether you’re a beginner or more experienced walker looking for adventures in the great outdoors. Trails are well marked and you’ll often find shelters and overnight cabins along the route. When hiking in Sälen you’ll experience panoramic sunsets, cooling dips in mountain lakes and picnics enjoyed to a backdrop of stunning, wide-reaching views.

The southern part of the famous Kungsleden trail starts in the Sälen mountains. It starts from Sälen’s Högfjällshotellet and then winds its way northwards over Östfjället towards Grövelsjön. The part of the hike closest to Sälen includes relatively flat plateaus and you can follow a wonderful gentle hiking trail on Högfjället mountain, roughly a 9km round trip.

Another classic hike is 90km long and 10 metres wide, accessible, beautiful and framed by small summer pasture farms and pine forests. The route of the Vasalopp cross-country ski race follows classic terrain from Berga By in Sälen to the race’s finish line on the shores of Lake Siljan in Mora.

There are also numerous accommodation options close to the hiking paths. Whether you prefer a cabin, apartment or campsite there are plenty of places to stay, often right on the trail.

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