A person ice skating under the sun.

Dalarna ice skating paradise – the best natural rinks

During the winter months, Dalarna’s natural landscape is buried in a thick carpet of snow and nature goes into hibernation. The landscape is daubed in tones of white and blue, with the snow softening the light. But not everywhere! Winter is peak season for pond skating, and here in Dalarna we create rinks on our lakes that draw in skaters from near and far. So strap on your skates and get out there because below we’ve put together a list of the best pond rinks for tour skating that Dalarna has to offer.

1. A skater’s El Dorado surrounded by cultural history

In Falun and Borlänge Municipality, you’ll find a skater’s paradise like no other! In winter, the Runn lake system turns into an area for skating fans, with a route of over 50 km being created when the conditions are right. There are loads of different colour-coded routes to choose from, from a short 3 km loop to longer trails. The routes are ploughed, shaved and swept and the feeling of freedom you get from gliding over the ice here is something that never disappoints.

Runn’s fabulous nature and landscape also attracts many enthusiasts. The routes often wind their way along the coastline, giving you a great view over all the islands and hills, with the forest-covered mountains in the background. You don’t have to stray far from town to get a proper nature experience here, and there are also loads of exciting cultural and historical sites nearby.

People ice skating on a lake.

2. Amazing tour skating trips

Brunnsjön Lake in Hedemora Municipality is located west of the centre and is a round and relatively small lake, at approximately 2 km from coast to coast. In winter, under the right conditions, a figure-of-eight track is created here, starting at the sports arena in Brunnsjöliden. Here, you’ll find benches for getting your skates on and for taking a rest. The glinting snow contrasted with the deep, dense forests and soft curves of the mountains behind set the scene for your skating experience beautifully!

At the edge of Hedermora, you’ll also find the Pråmleden trail that runs along the border between Gästrikland and Dalarna. The trail used to be a water freight route for iron and ore, but is now turned into a skating arena during the winter. In the right conditions, the trail stretches from the Edske campsite in Hofors to the historical town of Stjärnsund across the Edsken, Fullen and Grycken lakes.

3. The ice in Siljan offers great skating experiences

Getting your skates on and heading out onto the perfectly smooth ice is a winter activity with a lot of appeal. Saxviken in Mora offers a 3 km long loop close to town. It’s perfect for families as it also offers skiing trails and a walking path for those who want to do other hobbies. Or why not head out for a skate instead of a lunchtime walk? The route starts by the quay in Mora and is ploughed and shaved to offer the ultimate skating experience.

Orsa Lake has a 15 km long route stretching across the lake from the Orsa campsite to Kråkberget in Mora, provided the conditions are right. Allowing you to experience the area’s quite unique nature and incredible views. The mixed forests of the Siljan route make for a wonderful contrast with the glinting snow and the ice as the blades of your skates take you out over the lake. There are also plenty of different places to start from: choose from the campsite in Orsa, the Kungshaga hotel, Vattnäs or Kråkberg in Mora.

People ice skating in the sun.

4. Tour skating amongst islands and untouched nature

Öjesjön Lake in Malung-Sälen Municipality is often called the jewel of winter, and for skating fans nothing could be closer to the truth. Putting on your tour skates and heading out onto the ice gets your pulse racing and gives your body heat and energy. Here, you’ll find an abundance of islands, 94 in total, that only enhance the experience and give the area character.

There are routes of varying lengths that are ploughed, shaved and swept. These routes offer great ice and plenty of rest stops along the way; many people enjoy taking a break and lighting a fire by one of the lean-to’s to cook up something to eat or have a coffee. But it’s not just the skating that’s worth doing here, you can also go walking or take a kick sled out, meaning everyone has the chance to enjoy beautiful wintry days out.

5. Attractive skating tours in the paradise of Dalarna

The famous Swedish naturalist and explorer Carl Linnaeus (Carl von Linné) called Dala-Floda “The Garden of Dalarna” and it’s easy to see why as you travel through the picturesque towns that line both sides of the Västerdalälven river. The river is also connected to Flo Lake which in winter is an absolute treat for skaters. Harpikön Island splits the north part of the lake in two, and a skate around here offers the chance to enjoy great nature, clear air and fantastic routes.

There are two routes to choose from, one 3 km and one 4.5 km, both of which are ploughed, shaved and swept to ensure the best possible conditions. By Flogsjöbadet, you’ll find a barbecue area and benches for putting on your skates or for taking a break and enjoying a great outdoor meal. There is also a barbecue area situated by Bakke lada, hidden deep in Flo Bay.

Close-up of a person's skates while ice skating on a lake.

6. Skating adventures a stone’s throw from town in Southern Dalarna

In Ludvika Municipality, in Southern Dalarna, you’ll find Väsman Lake. A large lake close to both farmland, town and untouched nature, many people are drawn here by the opportunity to experience a huge variety of environments on just one skating tour. The Falun red houses in the towns that stretch along the coastline and the deep forests give the snow even more shine and enhance any tour out on the ice.

With the right conditions, a longer route of 14 km is ploughed here, stretching from Ludvika harbour to Brunnsvik bay, with a loop around Bärholmarna ploughed halfway along. There is also a shorter 2 km route known as the “lunch route” that is also excellent for walks and kick sled excursions, great for families with kids or people who need to burn off their lunch.

NB! Always make sure you’re safe when you’re out on the ice! It might be a good idea to read our information about ice safety before heading out. You should also read up-to-date ice reports on what conditions are like.