Welcome to the ice skating paradise of Falun-Borlänge

Lake Runn brings together the towns of Falun and Borlänge. The ice skating season is long and you can delight in its archipelago across over 50 km of prepared track. Lake Runn offers skaters some of Sweden finest trip skating experiences.

Runn and Ösjön

The Runn lake system is ice skating heaven with 62.5 km2 of open ice and more than 80 islands to picnic on. The prepared track stretches some 50 km and offers fantastic long trips, and beauty spot pit stops along the shoreline. Falun and Borlänge are just two hours from Stockholm. Lake Runn unites the municipalities of Falun and Borlänge and connects to Ösjön via Storsund. Connecting tracks join to form a track system offering some 30 km of skating. For families with kids the shorter 3 or 5 km tracks are ideal, while the Ornäs to Falun track, at 15 km long, one-way, is one for more experienced skaters.

The lakes are dotted with islands and forest clad mountains form the horizon. Many of the tracks hug the shoreline and beyond the islands, in the middle of the lake, a great expanse of ice pans out before you and when the wind kicks up here you’ll certainly feel it. At lake Ösjön you can discover and explore the historically fascinating landmark, Ornässtugan, a 15th century architectural gem which was once a guesthouse and is now home to a fine museum and café.

The entire area attracts skaters and outdoors enthusiasts with its natural beauty and every winter there are outdoors activities and events such Runn Winter Week with world cup competitions and skating events. A skating holiday in Falun and Borlänge let’s you get out into the great outdoors of Dalarna, and the towns offer a wide range of accommodations options, shopping, sightseeing and sports activities.

Starting points

Starting points in Falun; Sjösidan Falun/Främby Udde, Roxnäs Udde and Hälsinggårdsbryggorna.

At Sjösidan Falun/Främby Udde you can hire skates and enjoy the café, restaurant and holiday village.

Starting points; Borlänge: Ornässtugan, Haganäs and Storsund. 
The café at Ornässtugan is open on Saturdays and Sundays during the skating season.

Connecting points to Ornässtugan: residential area outside Ornäs harbour.


Blue track, 5.6 km
This is a popular trip across the bay between Främby Udde, Hälsinggården and Roxnäs Udde. It passes all the starting points and there are some small connecting tracks for skaters and walkers on the stretch from Främby Udde and the jetties at Hälsinggården.

Red track, 8.7 km
This track extends the Blue track beyond the islands of Dejstolen, Hellmansö and Hjärtklack. It gets a little windier out here and sometimes the snow drifts in towards the track.

Yellow track, 17 km
An offshoot of the Green track towards Näset outside Vika, that covers the Jungfru islands and Stora Risö island. The track joins up with the Red track at Dejstolen. The track is not prioritised and is only ploughed in good weather conditions.

Green track, Främby Udde – Storsund, 10.7 km
The middle of this track opens out to fantastic open ice. Be aware though that the wind blows harder out here and that you should save some energy for the way home. You’ll find a rest stop at Tyskö island. The connection between Runn and Ösjön is by foot over a small peninsula at the side of Storsund. This is because the ice at this sound is dangerous and is almost never fit for skating on. There is another walking path, just a couple of hundred metres long, via the car park.

Ornäs – Storsund, one-way 3.2 km
A pleasant and relatively easy stretch. This track takes you past the beautiful villages of Kyna and Tomnäs.

Ornäs – Haganäs round trip, 2.5 km
This triangular route on a bay joins Ornässtugan and Restaurang Haganäs and is quite sheltered because it is close to the shoreline.

Map of the tracks on Lake Runn

Ice report Runn & Ösjön