Saxviken in Mora and Orsasjön

Skating is one of the many wonderful winter activities you can do in the Siljan area. To skate on mirror-like ice on lake Siljan or lake Orsa (Orsasjön) is an extraordinary experience. The rhythm, the speed and the sense of nature is well-suited for the whole family and for all ages.

There are prepared skating tracks on Orsasjön – a beautiful skating area – and a 3 km long ploughed track on Saxviken. Several races and activities are arranged for both the unexperienced and advanced skaters. Guided tours are arranged during the season, when the conditions allow. The skating season starts in November and starts with guided tours on natural ice on the smaller lakes. Around Christmas, Orsasjön and Saxviken will be covered with ice and in the middle of January lake Siljan usually is frozen.

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1. Saxviken in Mora, 3 km
On the ice-skating area in the middle of the centre of Mora you will find a 3 km long round track. There’s also a cross-country track and a walking path on the ice, as well as a court to just skate with or without a hockey stick.

Place: ’Kajen’ in Mora.

2. Orsasjön
On Orsasjön (lake Orsa) there’s a 15 km ploughed track between Orsa Camping and Kråkberg in Mora. The track is leading you over the lake and offers beautiful wide views.

There’s also a cross-country trail beside the skating track.

Starting at Orsa Camping, Kungshaga Hotell in Vattnäs and Kråkberg in Mora.

3. Orsa Grönklitt
From the middle of December till the 6th of January there’s a prepared 2 km round track on Rädsjön in Grönklitt. On New Year’s Eve the popular ’Sylvesterloppet’ is arranged on Rädsjön.

Start: Orsa Grönklitt cross-country station.


Several activities and skating tours are arranged during winter season for both the unexperienced and advanced skaters.

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