Welcome to Dala-Floda


Flosjön lake lies northeast of the Dala-Floda village and is connected to the Västerdalälven via Noret in the south. Along the western shoreline is a forest road towards Leksand and it is dotted with holiday homes with jetties and a bathing spot at Sandviken’s pasture farms. On the western shoreline, where the Sångån stream runs into the lake, lies the municipality’s fresh water source. The eastern shoreline of the lake is wilder and less built-up. Harpikön island divides the northern part of the lake in two and the winds are often westerly. In the south of the lake you’ll find the village of Syrholn and the Dala-Floda Värdshus hotel and restaurant. There are also boat ramps, a guest jetty, a diving tower (summertime only !),a wood fired sauna and an ice hole for icy dips during the winter. For your adventures out on the lake, this is the best starting point.


3 km and 4.5 km tracks are prepared. At Flosjöbadet bathing spot, in the southernmost part of the lake, there is a barbecue spot and benches for taking off and putting on your blades. There is also a barbecue spot at the Bakke barn in Flosjö bay.

Activities like kick sledding, ice fishing and snowmobiles are popular on Flosjön. You can book all of these activities at the Dala-Floda Värdshus hotel and restaurant. You can hire skates here too.

The tracks are prepared and managed by Dala-Floda Skating. We continually test the ice by taking test drills and availing of ice reports, all for your safety, but you leave the tracks at your own risk. In ‘blue ice’ conditions you can go out on the lake with one of our experienced guides.

Map of Flosjön

Skatig tracks on Flosjön.