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Brunnsjön lake is some 2 km from shore to shore at its longest point. The lake lies west of Hedemora town centre and is easy to get to.

There are no islands, but the area is lined with lush forest, fields and some built-up areas. Early season, the mouth of the Mässingsboån stream in the northwest provides open water, as does the run-off from the Broån stream in the south. Quite often a pressure ridge forms all across the northwest part of the lake; otherwise the ice is usually safe.


5.5 km track

If we have the weather on our side the track is prepared in a figure eight shape and there is a smaller trail that leads off to the northwest. The main trail is in the southwest part of the lake. The starting point, which has an information board and picnic tables, is on the eastern edge of the lake below the Brunnsjöliden sports facility. You can also park and pick up the track on the south side of the lake.

The trail is prepared by Brunnsjöns Vintervänner.

For current information on ice conditions contact Tourist Information in Hedemora: +46(0)771-62 62 62


This is a skating trip on the border of the provinces of Gästrikland and Dalarna where you can choose to start or finish in Stjärnsund, an area of cultural and historical importance.

Pråmleden is a former shipping line used for transporting iron ore and iron at the end of the 19th century. The track runs through Silfhytteå, one of Sweden’s most northern locks, and around the area are remnants of the iron ore industry.


Pråmleden stretches from Edskens camping ground in the town of Hofors to the bathing spot in Stjärnsund. A one-way trip is 17 km over prepared track across lakes Edsken, Fullen and Grycken. Between Edskens camping ground and Fullen, the Börån canal very rarely freezes over enough to skate on it. There is a prepared path, roughly 300 metres long that bypasses this. Silfhytteå lies between lakes Fullen and Grycken and at the lock here there is a path some 100 metres long to lake Grycken and then you can head for Stjärnsund.

The track is prepared by Traktorns Vänner and SAIF (Stjärnsunds Public Sport Assoc).

For current information on ice conditions contact Tourist information in Hedemora: +46(0)771-62 62 62.

Map of the tracks on Pråmleden

In three places after the trail there is windbrakes with barbecue areas:

Edsken - next to Djupudden
Fullen - south of Knupberget
Grycken - on the island of Mjöljnarholmen

Nya Edskens Camping and Restaurant is open for dining on weekends during the skating season 2018, from 11-16.

The track is plowed by the Road Association Tractor's Friends at Edsken and Fullen. At Grycken, the SAIF (Stjärnsunds Allmänna Idrottsförening).

At Edsken and Fullen they usesnowplows, planks and brushes. At Grycken only plowing takes place. Therefore, the ice quality on the lanes of different lakes can vary.