Snowmobiling in Idre

In Idre there is a snowmobile and a trail for everyone - whether you are a beginner looking for a peaceful day trip or an experienced rider who chases the adrenaline kick and pacey adventures. Experience classic snowmobile trails like Drevdagen, Gördalen and Nornäs.

In Idre there are several businesses offering both snowmobile rentals and snowmobile safaris and guided tours. Start from Idre Fjäll and take a trip with a picknick and have a barbecue or drive further into the wilderness along with experienced guides. This is an experience for the whole family! If you want to go even further into the wilderness and get closer to nature, there are snowmobile paradises like Drevdagen, Gördalen and Nornäs in driving distance. In Drevfjäll Nature Reserve there are nearly 1600 km of prepared trails and from the highest point of Härjehågna you can enjoy a breath-taking view of both Sweden and Norway.

Maps and licenses are available at gas stations and other places of business are in the area. Be careful and respect the rules and drivers’ requirements for snowmobiling, whether you are on your own or in a group.

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