Snowmobiling in Älvdalen

Miles and miles of snowmobile trails in the exciting wilderness. To ride a snowmobile in Älvdalen is to get close to nature. There are both long and short trails, courses and snowmobiles to try. Whatever you choose to do the magnificent nature will be constantly present.

In Älvdalen, snowmobiles are an obvious and natural way to discover the surroundings. A snowmobile quickly takes you into nature, whether it's the snowy plains or the more unexplored wilderness. At many businesses you can rent a snowmobile as well as take a guided tour, snowmobiles safari or a course where you will learn more about snowmobiles. Take a day trip to Hykjeberget and enjoy the view. Ride towards Blyberg or Evertsberg. If you are looking for a longer trip, head north to Särna and Idre, where you will find connections to the snowmobile paradises like Drevdagen, Flötningen and Nornäs.

Maps and licenses can be purchased at gas stations and other places of business in the area. Remember to respect the rules and drivers’ requirements for snowmobiling, whether you are on your own or in a group.

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