Snowmobiling in Särna

Särna is where the snowmobile adventure begins, literally outside your door. You will find kilometre after kilometre of snowmobile trails to explore - just rent a snowmobile, acquire a map and get ready for the adventures to come.

From Särna you can ride to and explore many of the classic snowmobiling paradises. Visit the Rörsjösugorna (the Rörsjö cabins) either during the day or during a longer trip with an overnight stay. In the valley there are usually very good snow conditions during the winter season and between the marked trails and the off-road rides in powder snow Särna will attract many snowmobile enthusiasts. You can also change the course to Nornäs, Driftdagen or towards Grövelsjön, which are other winter wonderlands that are perfect to discover riding a snowmobile. In Gördalen, Nornäs and Drevdagen you will find seasonal cafés/eateries.

Maps and licenses are available at gas stations and other places of business are in the area. Be careful and respect the rules and drivers’ requirements for snowmobiling, whether you are on your own or in a group.

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