Fishing in Sälen

Fishing provides a unique combination of total tranquility and the thrill of the catch. Fishing in Sälen is in many ways an out-of-the-ordinary experience, with the mountains providing a stunning backdrop to your fishing trip. The Sälen mountains and nearby Västerdal river offer fishing opportunities with endless kilometres of rushing waters filled with easy-to-catch grayling and trout. It offers everything from family fishing for perch to fantastic fly-fishing as well as top-notch pike fishing. So cast your fishing rod and wait for a bite.

&There are masses of wonderful fishing waters in Sälen and the Sälen mountains for anyone who wants to try their luck. There are plenty of mountain tarns, lakes, streams and rivers teeming with fish - whether you want to catch trout, char, rainbow trout, grayling, whitefish or pike. In addition to the fishing and the thrill of the catch, the stunning natural surroundings are a huge draw. Many fishing spots have wind shelters and campsites, beautifully situated by the water. Whether you prefer the peace and quiet of fishing alone, or with good friends or children, take the opportunity to make your fishing trip in Sälen a whole-day experience.

If you want to explore the fishing waters and waterways of Sälen and the Sälen mountains further still you can hire a canoe or raft - the ideal way to move between different fishing spots while experiencing the beautiful natural surroundings from the water. The countryside around the Västerdal river is magical in the summer. You can also try put and take fishing in Lindvallen’s fishing lake, among other spots.

There are numerous operators and stores in Sälen who sell fishing equipment and permits, rent out fishing equipment and can provide tips and advice on fishing in the Sälen area, for example where in Sälen to find the kind of fish you want to catch. You can also book guided fishing tours, where experienced fishing guides talk you through various fishing techniques, take you to beautiful fishing spots and give lots of advice on how best to catch the fish you’re after.

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