Fishing in Malung

Few activities are as peaceful - or as exciting - as a fishing trip. In recent years the fishing opportunities in Malung have developed considerably and there are now fishing options for everyone. The brightest star in the fishing universe is, of course, the Västerdal river. The river has both gentle and faster-moving sections, where grayling fishing is the main draw.

In and around Malung there are plenty of fishing waters for anyone who wants to try their luck with a rod. There’s a wide variety of fish and fishing in rivers lakes and other waterways, including trout, char and grayling. There’s also some really great pike fishing in the larger lakes. The most characteristic, best-known place to fish in Malung is of course the Västerdal river. In the fastermoving sections of the river grayling and trout are the main catches. If you’re looking for easily.accessible fishing from both sides of the river, head to Malungsfors, around 9km from central Malung.

Ogströmmen river is another excellent fishing water for anyone wanting to fish in Malung. The river consists of 9 kilometres of wild and constantly-rushing waters that run out into lakes Bysjön and Öjesjön down in Öje. There are several beautiful fishing spots along Ogströmmen, all of which have their own character, making them suitable for different kinds of fishing and fish.

If you don’t have your own fishing equipment, you can rent everything you need in Malung. From the centre of town you’re also close to several nearby fishing waters and put and take spots. There are also operators offering guided fishing tours or fishing with a guide. Hiring a guide can really enhance your fishing experience, as they can help you hone your skills and take you to the very best local fishing spots.


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