Fishing in Grövelsjön

Here in Northern Dalarna, fishing is much sought after and renowned in the area thanks to its fine and many streams, lakes and ponds. Going on a fishing trip is an experience of nature in itself, here you can hike and fish in the pristine mountain scenery while simultaneously enjoying the silence and the fresh mountain air. Summer nights are long and light to fit in and go on exciting night fishing, which often caught the biggest trout.

In mid-June, fishing in the river running river Grövlan, at Hävlingen and the Long Mountain to the end of August. On Grövelsjön going fishing all year. With a fishing license for Dala mountain fishing and Sarna-Idre streams so you cover almost the entire area! Fishing licenses can be purchased in Hävlingen, the service points in Grövelsjöfjällen.

At the lake Hävlingen in the Long Mountain Nature Reserve is located Hävlingestugorna, a unique and fantastic base from which to fish for trout and char. Downstream Särsjön in Storån's quota fly fishing is legendary. This can be reached most easily by foot, about 13km hike from Grövelsjön. In the area there are a number of cottages, cabins and shelters. Boats and canoes for hire.

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