Familj som cyklar i Mora Parken.

Welcome to Mora

Mora Parken aim to offer their guests high-quality biking experiences.

Start-finish: All Biking Dalarna tours in Mora start from Moraparken. Signposting: The cross-country tours from Moraparken are signposted in the terrain, with the exception of the Fulåberg tour which is on the map only. Leisure and road cycling tours are described on maps only. Terrain: The cross-country tours are on hilly heaths apart from the Fulåberg tour on gravel roads. Uphill on your way out, relax on the way home.

The tours are classifed according to Biking Dalarna standard. Green trails are easy, Blue trails more strenuous, Red trails more technical with bigger ascents and Black trails are very demanding.

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