Orsa Grönklitt

Here awaits bike adventures around every corner, right in the midst of the beautiful wilderness. Orsa Grönklitt is the perfect place for those who want to experience the joy of cycling, whether you're seeking exercise or a relaxed day with the family. There puts a lot of weight to make learning fun for the little ones, with plenty of activities that allow children to discover cycling in a playful manner, all while honing their skills. With the introduction of lift-assisted cycling starting in spring 2024, Orsa Grönklitt can offer mountain descent adventures while also extending the Flow Trail to the top of the mountain.

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Most of the trails are easy in difficulty but vary greatly in character. Some goes around the facility and nearby the lake "Rädsjön" and past charming huts. For those who want to feel the adrenaline flow a little extra, you'll experience a stomach-tickling adventure on the Flow Trail or when testing your cycling skills in the Skills Area.

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Parking: At the Length Center next to the stadium or at the old track central near the Guest Center.
Restrooms: Yes. In the changing rooms either at the Length Center or behind the Guest Center.
Bike wash: Yes, at the Length Center.
Bike rental: Yes, through the Length Center.
Bike workshop: Yes, at the Length Center.
Shower/changing rooms: Yes, 2. At the Length Center or behind the Guest Center.
Accommodation: visit orsagronklitt.se
Restaurant: Yes.
Other: Bike storage with locks is available on the premises. 
Contact: gastcenter@orsagronklitt.se
Website: orsagronklitt.se
How to get here: Coordinates 61.20807, 14.53771