Turquoise Water in a limestone quarry.

Bucket list of 17 things to do in the summer in southern Dalarna

Southern Dalarna, just 2 hours from Stockholm, has masses of fun, exciting, delicious and outdoorsy outings. We’ve drawn up a bucket list of 17 wonderfully simple things to do and experience during your holiday. How many of them can you tick off your list?

1. Take a selfie with the world's largest Dala horse in Avesta.

2. Walk the river walk from central Avesta to Krylbo and back, past places of interest including Avestaforsen hydro powerplant, the Old Town, Döda Fallen nature reserve, the Koppardalen neighbourhood and Verket museum.

3. Cycle or drive the 60km-long nature and cultural trail Husbyringen, stopping off at the many points of interest along the way. If the weather allows you can even stop for a swim.

A girl cycling on a road.
Experience the nature and culture around the Husbyringen trail. Download their app for maps, route descriptions and information on all the points of interest along the way.

4. Enjoy the magnificent views from Bispbergs klack mountain outside Säter.

5. Feel the Mediterranean vibes beside the turquoise blue waters of Östra Silvbergs mine outside Säter.

6. Admire the craftsmanship as crispbread is hand-baked in wood-fired ovens at Skedvi Bröd at Kulinariet food hall in Stora Skedvi.

Öster Silvbergs mine with turquoise blue water.
The turquoise blue waters of Östra Silvbergs mine outside Säter make it a popular destination.

7. Stop for a coffee at Torsångs Café right next to Dalälven river south of Borlänge. Check out the boat life and try the house speciality - their famous “Hästräka” sandwich with Gustafskorv and shrimp salad.

8. Drink the spring water in Frostbrunnsdalen nature reserve in Borlänge - it’s said to keep you eternally young…

9. Head up to the top of the ski-jump hill at Lugnet sports arena in Falun and look out over the town.

The ski-jump hill at Lugnet in Falun.
The ski-jump hill at Lugnet in Falun towers over the town giving a spectacular view of Falun and the surrounding countryside.

10. Take a morning dip in Lake Runn, between Falun and Borlänge, and eat an alfresco breakfast on the beach.

11. Walk across the three wooden bridges - one of which is Sweden’s longest wooden suspension bridge for cars - in Dala Floda and Gagnef.

12. Follow the pilgrimage trail along Romboleden in Hedemora.

Två children by a lake.
Find a nice beach for a refreshing dip, an essential part of the summer.

13. Spend the night in a wind shelter in Sweden’s largest nature reserve, Malingsbo-Kloten, and look for moose, beaver and deer.

14. Cruise along the Strömsholm canal in Smedjebacken.

15. Visit Älvmötet, the spot in Djurås where the Västerdal river and the Österdal river meet and carry on their journey together as the Dal river, “Dalälven”.

View from a shelter.
Spend the night in a shelter and get right out into nature.

16. Ride a rail trolley along the disused inland railway between Vansbro and Mora.

17. Enjoy the silence at Bränntjärnstorpet croft in southern Finnmarken in Grängesberg.

Three children ride a rail trolley along disused railway tracks.
Ride a rail trolley along disused railway tracks. Pedalling a rail trolley is easier than riding an ordinary bicycle.