Turquoise water at Östra Silvbergs mine.


Silverringen is a cultural trail in southern Dalarna that runs through Silvberg and Säter and shows seven interesting places.Travel in time and place and follow the path of iron and silver from mine to smelting house and hammer mill.



Along the way there are nice resting places by the many lakes, so feel free to pack a lunch bag basket. At the visitor destinations, information signs tell about the history of the place. All texts are translated into English and German.

Östra Silvberg: Here is one of Sweden's oldest mines and also Ödekyrkogården where the medieval Sankt Nikolai chapel once stood.

Jönshyttan: Here the silver ore that was mined at Östra Silvbergs mines was melted.

Grängshammar: One of Dalarna's most beautiful working environments with Olof Forsgren's stylish buildings built in shimmering slag chips. Nearby is also the octagonal Silvberg church.

Ulfshyttan: A cabin was built here in the 17th century and the production of pig iron continued, with only short interruptions, until May 1939 when it the last blow took place.

Bispbergs gruva: At this mine dating from the Middle Ages sits the magnificent Vasalaven from 1889. Here you can see one of Sweden's best preserved iron mining environments.