View over the mountains in Idre, Sweden.

Nature-based adventures for the family

In Dalarna there is plenty to do with children. Especially for families who appreciate the beauty of nature and memorable adventures together. Here you have the chance to experience much of the typical Swedish nature. The landscape of Dalarna stretches from the mighty mountains in the north to the open fields in the south, deep forests with rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Spend part of your holiday at several resorts and experience the Scandinavian summer at its best. Enjoy the fresh air. The silence. And of course the long summer evenings when the sun barely sets. Experience summer in Dalarna - a place where unspoilt nature and authentic culture meet and create unforgettable memories. Welcome to the Dala way of living.

Hiking trails at your doorstep in Kloten

Do you dream of winding trails in the forest, pristine streams and eating a barbecue lunch with birdsong in the background? Then you will find your home in Kloten Nature Resort. For those traveling to Dalarna from Stockholm or from the south, this is a perfect first stop on a wonderful holiday. There are a total of 140 km of hiking trails where you can fully enjoy all that nature has to offer. In addition to hiking, you can relax by paddling, swimming, biking or picking berries and mushrooms.

Picture collage of a family.
Photo: Anna Holm.

Rent a cabin and stay with your family in the middle of the forest, with all modern amenities in place. The cottages are located right next to the popular Bergslagsleden trail. Here you can enjoy the Swedish nature with its beautiful lakes and great tranquility. Thanks to the large forests around Malingsbo-Kloten, the area is a natural habitat for many wild animals. Some of the waterways are home to rare aquatic insects such as the brook trout and the grey-winged dragonfly. If you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of beavers and you will certainly see traces from them. 
The trail has a total length of 280 kilometers and is divided into seven stages. The first stage, which starts right next to your accommodation in Kloten, is said to be the best. Get out there and find out if that's true! 

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Holiday on your own terms at Idre Fjäll

Popular Idre Fjäll has been around for 60 years and has evolved from a ski resort to a center for year-round experiences. The summer season offers many types of exciting activities to do with children. The unique mountain nature can be explored by foot, on horseback or by bike. Try an exciting high-altitude course, go on a beaver safari or learn about the Sami culture with its crafts, music, reindeer husbandry and great knowledge of nature. Go on a guided fishing trip and meet reindeer - there is something for everyone.

Collage of family trips inte the moutains.
Photo: Idre Fjäll.

Enjoy a cozy breakfast together and then the adventure of nature awaits right outside the door. The tranquility you encounter in the mountains is hard to find anywhere else. Here, silence is combined with the roar of the rapids and the song of the birds. From the beautiful hiking trails around Idre, Särna and Grövelsjön you can enjoy magnificent views in four directions with reindeer in the distance as your only company.

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Biking with the whole family in Säfsen

Säfsen is passionate about getting the whole family active together and creating shared memories. It is made so that children can follow along everywhere and if they have never cycled before, it is a perfect opportunity to learn. There are many wonderful cycling routes, both easier ones that the youngest can handle and a little tougher for those family members who want more of a challenge. There is a technical area and BMX track and the forest is full of MTB trails.

Collage of a family doing some biking trips.
Photo: Sara Rönne & Säfsen Resort.

In Säfsen you also have the chance to try other fun activities for the family. For example, try the Wilderness Park where you can swing on ropes, climb up tree houses and balance on ropes between the trees. 

The hiking trails have a wonderful breadth, there are trails you can walk with a pram, short trails for the youngest with cozy glades to stop and have a coffee, more challenging trails as well as trails through both magical forests and over mountains. Choose an activity that suits your family best for the day, nature is right outside the door - go out and discover it!

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Meet the moose in Orsa Grönklitt

The blue mountains above Lake Orsa provide a magnificent backdrop for summer family adventures. Exciting outdoor experiences await you. The trails wind through forests and over mountains, inviting you to explore both on foot and by bike. For the little adventurers there are playful activities like geocaching where exciting treasures are waiting to be discovered. Or explore nature on children's terms. Blåbäret Berra's adventure trail, cycling track and climbing park are just some of the activities and favorite places for children here.

Collage of children having fun.
Photo: Orsa Grönklitt

For those who want to take it easy between adventures, the sauna raft down by Lake Rädsjön is a relaxing experience where you can watch the beautiful lake from the sauna. Or why not take a quiet trip on the lake in a canoe?

If you're visiting Sweden and Dalarna, be sure to take the opportunity to see moose. It's easy to understand why these majestic animals are known as the 'king of the forest'. Join a moose safari with the guides in Orsa Grönklitt for the chance to meet the moose in their natural environment, a magnificent and memorable experience for all ages. 

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