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Savour the luxury of authentic Dalarna

Pamper yourself with the best that summer Sweden has to offer. Take a break from everyday stress to enjoy traditional local flavours, untouched nature, endless tranquillity and unique experiences. In the landscape of Dalarna, nature is always present. Enjoy the luxuriously unspoilt and authentic, Dalarna is a perfect region to visit to experience the genuine Sweden the upgraded way. Experience summer in Dalarna - a place where unspoilt nature and authentic culture meet and create unforgettable memories. Welcome to the Dala way of living.

Unique accommodation for tranquillity and presence

Sunnanhed is a charming village in the heart of northern Dalarna, Sweden. No more than 57 people live here permanently, which means that the village houses more cows than people. Nestled along the south-eastern edge of the pristine Lake Oresjön, a symphony of sensory experiences awaits you. Welcome to step into a nature photograph - where meadows, dense forests and peaceful lakes await. Roam freely or choose a guided experience with knowledgeable nature guides. Discover the hidden gems, breathtaking places, secret valleys and get to know the local nature up close.

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Photo: Sara Rönne.

The private boutique villa that makes up Hello Sunnanhed is a unique experience. Here you are surrounded by undisturbed nature, mountain cows, endless forest and deep blue lakes. Silence, presence and creativity are the motto. Look out through the opening panoramic window and enjoy the tranquillity.

The designed environment allows creativity to flow and the impressive ceiling height adds an extra wow factor to the experience. Why not take a bath in the luxurious copper bathtub overlooking the expanse? Maybe a yoga lesson or a nice massage? At Hello Sunnanhed, you can also book a private chef to cook dinner with local ingredients over an open fire. Enjoy the wilderness chef's artistry and personalised menus tailored to your wishes. 

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Unspoilt nature and cooking in the open air

Do you want to experience the magic of gathering around a campfire and cooking together in a simple and customised way? You can do that with Dalum!

Picture collage of cooking food.
Photo: Dalum and Rania Rönntoft.

The experience is unique. Dalum's own frying pans tie in with Dalarna and its traditional cooking methods. On the tours you will not only gain culinary experiences but also new skills. Learn how to make the best fire for outdoor cooking and different cooking methods. Last but not least - have space and time to relax, enjoy nature, community and delicious dishes.

Cooking over an open fire and ski touring in the woods is an unbeatable combination for those who like extraordinary experiences. Together with the guides at Next Stop Nature you will embark on a wonderful wild adventure.

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Experience the fishing trip of your dreams

Some come to catch big fish, others to learn techniques, others for the experience of nature, food and culture. No two visitors are the same and there is no static template for how your big fishing experience will be. Everything is customised based on your wishes for your dream fishing trip.

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Photo: Sara Rönne.

Since the experienced guides at Anglerman fishing have already thought of everything around, you can relax and just enjoy the present, nature, water and fishing. 

Here you can fish in everything from deep forests and fly fishing for grayling and trout in changeable waters, to char fishing in wild mountain waters. Northern Dalarna has one of the southernmost, most unspoilt wildernesses in Sweden. Having no mobile phone coverage, not seeing any other people and not noticing any other traces of human impact besides the road we travel on - it will give you a special feeling and memories for life. 
Anglerman fishing trips take you to places you never knew existed and help you find the right spot to catch the fish you're hoping for.

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Mythical sauna ritual in the adventure mine

Where the plains of southern Dalarna meet its vast forests is the small town of Tuna Hästberg with a mine that closed in 1968. A new and different adventure awaits! A unique world is hidden underground.

Picture collage of the sauna in the Adventuremine.
Photo: Adventuremine.

In 1998, some young boys entered the mine through a small hole. More than 30 years later, Adventuremine has become one of Sweden's most popular destinations. Let your curiosity lead the way through thrilling and adventurous experiences. Adventuremine offers Via Ferrata climbing and guided exploration. But here you can also experience the unique Lady of the mine sauna ritual.

The legend says that the lady of the mine watched over the mine's localities and could warn the miners of impending dangers, approaching landslides or show them where the rich deposits were. The lady of the mine is a creature that has played a major role in history and has given rise to many of the stories that are still told about the mine. The guided experience Sauna by Elin is a tribute to the lady of the mine, who with her mystery and knowledge can make you forget both everyday life and reality for a while. 

Let your senses travel from warmth to coolness, from soft to hard, male to female, from breathtaking to peaceful. Enjoy a relaxing sauna far from your mobile phone's notifications, of course combined with a lovely dip in the mine's crystal clear water. Feel the endorphins flowing in your body and the power of the mountain walls. 

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Guided tours, just for you

At the two artists' homes, Carl Larsson-gården and Zorngården, and at the Falu mine, it is possible to book a private guided tour. Allow a knowledgeable guide to show you and your party around, ask all your questions and have the rooms all to yourself. Contact Falu gruva, Zorngården and Carl Larsson-gården to book private tours.

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Photo: Sara Rönne, Anna Holm and Falu Gruva.