Stay in Tällberg

Tällberg is probably the most hotel's densest village in Sweden with its eight hotels. With its beautiful location and view of Siljan, it is easy to understand why both hotels and hotel guests feel at home here.

Each hotel in Tällberg has its own unique profile and its specialties. Among the hotels range, everything comes from the spa and relax to top-class local food, entertainment, fairs, art exhibitions and experiences for the family. Common to all the hotels is the hospitality and the warm atmosphere. In Tällberg there is an accommodation for all tastes, with nature and tranquility all around the knot. Stroll among the timbered houses, peek into the craft booths, take part in the culture and handicraft, enjoy the views and feel the stress of the big city flowing from you. It is also close to both Rättvik, Leksand, Mora and the rest of Dalarna - with all the activities, events and opportunities it implies. Book your accommodation in Tällberg and be the starting point for your trip in Dalarna.


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