Stay in Mora

Family holiday, cultural trip or training camp - the reasons for visiting Mora are many. Many are also the opportunities to find an accommodation that suits you and your experience. Here you will find everything from hotels and holiday villages to hostels, cozy farmhouses and experience packages.

In central Mora there are many hotels to choose from - all within walking distance to shopping, restaurants, cafés, Zorngården, Zornmuséet and Siljan. In Mora, there is also Mora Park's camping, hotel and holiday village. Here you live directly to Vasaloppsarenan and Vasaloppsspåret and you have direct access to the skiing. Add to this a lot of of hostels, cottages, holiday villages, Bed and Breakfast and guesthouses both in Mora and in the villages around and you have every chance to find just your best accommodation in Mora.

Combine your accommodation with an exciting, fun or interesting experience. We have several flexible package solutions to choose from. Do you want to experience the Sagolandet Tomteland? At Mora Park we can choose between staying in our own cabin or at the hotel. Hotel Fridhemsgatan also has a Tomtelandspaket with accommodation, entrance to the adventure park and of course a large breakfast buffet. If the culture that attracts is also Zornpaket with hotels and entrances.


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