The cultural pass for the cultural trip in Dalarna.

Travel guide - Take a culture tour through Dalarna

Summer in Dalarna is a mecca for anyone interested in culture, so why not head out on a really inspiring cultural journey? Follow the Dalarna Culture Route which takes you to nine culturally historic spots, where fascinating worlds open up and the echoes of history combine with the winds of change.

Let culture lead the way through Dalarna, from the gently undulating fields of southern Dalarna to the deep forests of the north. Start off your journey in Avesta with a visit to Verket/Avesta Art. You can still hear the sounds of the old ironworks here and feel the heat of the blast furnaces as you wander among paintings, sculptures and installations.

Continue on to Falun, making it your base for further outings - there are three exciting destinations here. In Sundborn you can visit Carl Larsson-gården, home of the famous Swedish artist and a source of inspiration for his iconic watercolours with motifs from his home and garden. At Dalarnas museum in central Falun you’ll find both historic and contemporary objects. Take, for example, a closer look at the world’s largest collection of Dala horses!

Dining table at the painter Carl Larsson.
At Carl Larsson-gården in Sundborn outside Falun you’ll find Lilla Hyttnäs, the house where Carl and Karin Larsson lived and worked. Book a guided tour to learn more about the inspiring home and hear stories from the artist couple’s fascinating life.

Your accommodation can also form part of your cultural journey if you check in to Gruvgårdens B&B, right next door to Falun Mine, which is one of the nine destinations. During your visit to the mine join an underground guided tour and listen to stories of the mining industry in this world heritage town as you explore the winding mine passages 67 metres underground.

After one or two days in the Falun area it’s time to travel on. Head to historic Ornässtugan, a large timbered medieval guesthouse between Falun and Borlänge. Stories of the future king Gustav Vasa’s exciting adventures in Dalarna live on here.

A Summer day at Ornässtugan.
Ornässtugan is home to what may well be Sweden’s most famous toilet - the one that Gustav Vasa is said to have escaped through to evade the Danes. As well as the beautiful timbered buildings, fascinating stories and stunning natural surroundings, there’s also a popular café here.

Continue on northwards towards Leksand. Here you’ll find the Munthe family’s well-preserved summer home Hildasholm in leafy green surroundings. Enjoy coffee and cake in the unique gardens and fantasise about what life was like here in the beginning of the 1900s.

If it’s time to call it a day, Tällberg is a great place to find accommodation. Sleep soundly with panoramic views over lake Siljan. Many of the hotels serve excellent food and some have relaxing spas, so treat yourself to a little luxury.

Heading further north still, turn off the main road before you get to Mora and stop off in Nusnäs. Here, at Nils Olsson Dalahästar, you can watch the most iconic of Swedish symbols being made - from piece of wood to beautifully painted horse.

Old-fashioned bedroom at Zorngården.
The Zorn House is right next to the Zorn Museum and was home to Anders and Emma Zorn. It was a very modern home for its time and the decor has both Swedish and international influences.

Visit the Zorn Museum in central Mora. Enjoy the classic oil paintings, watercolours and etchings. Next door to the museum is The Zorn House, Anders and Emma Zorn’s home, where you can get a glimpse into their world and find out about the world-famous artist and Mora native.

Forty kilometres north of Mora, in Älvdalen, is the Porphyry Museum. In addition to the magnificent porphyry objects themselves, you can find out all about the people who worked hard over generations transforming the extremely hard rock into beautiful works of art.

Now that you’ve completed your cultural journey, take a deep breath and integrate your impressions. Think back on the places you’ve visited, the homes you’ve seen, the people you’ve learnt about. The people behind the paintings, crafts and works of art. The people that are the true essence of the Dalarna Culture Route.

Don’t forget to pre-book your visit or guided tour at each of the places mentioned before you arrive. It’s also a good idea to contact each place to check their current opening hours, as they can vary seasonally.

Remember your Culture Passport! Before you head out on your cultural journey, buy a Culture Passport, which gives you extra special offers and discounts at each of the spots. Collect a stamp at each place and when your passport has been fully stamped you’ll receive a special Dala horse as proof that you’ve completed the Culture Route.

You can buy the Culture Passport at any of the 9 places as well as at

The nine stops on the Culture Route are:

  • Verket/Avesta Art (Avesta)
  • Falun Mine (Falun)
  • Carl Larsson-gården (Falun)
  • Dalarnas museum (Falun)
  • Ornässtugan (Borlänge)
  • Munthes Hildasholm (Leksand)
  • Nils Olsson Dalahästar (Mora)
  • Zorn Museum (Mora)
  • Porphyry Museum (Älvdalen)