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Move into the real Dalarna

Dalarna is the perfect destination to experience the heart of Swedish folk culture. Here you can find red cottages, colourful folk costumes and celebrate Midsummer in the traditional Dalarna way. Take part in the crafts and environments that have largely shaped Swedish culture and get to know the Swedish lifestyle in depth. Experience summer in Dalarna - a place where unspoilt nature and authentic culture meet and create unforgettable memories. Welcome to the Dala way of living.

Get to know the origin of Sweden's symbols

Start your journey through Dalarna's culture with a visit to the Dalarna Museum in Falun. Here you get a good overview of the region's rich cultural treasure. The Dala Horse exhibition is a must-see when you visit Dalarna.

Collage of Dalarnas museum.
Photo: Dalarnas Museum.

This traditional toy, which has become a national symbol, is appreciated and loved all over the world and is probably the largest collection of Dala horses in the world. Take a look at everything from the oldest to today's freer interpretations. The exhibition City and World Heritage tells how the copper mine in Falun in particular has shaped the city and its history, but also how different industries have flourished and left their mark on the region. Don't miss the exhibition Dressed in Dalarna where you can learn more about the beautiful folk costumes, with all their history and symbolism. 

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Experience the world heritage around the mine

Falu Mine is on UNESCO's World Heritage List, which means that the environment around the mine is considered so important to human history that it must be preserved for all time. It's something you should see!

Collage of Falu mine.
Photo: Falu Gruva and Aktivt Familjeliv.

A trip of discovery in the mine is an exciting experience 67 metres underground. The guides take you through the centuries-old corridors and halls. Here you get to experience the hard life of the miners, learn more about the mine's great importance for Sweden's history and take part in the stories and legends that still live on.

Even above ground there is much to discover. The mining museum is an interactive museum where you can, of course, deepen your knowledge of mining at Kopparberget, at the same time you can try on the clothes of the time, ride a mine barrel or sort ore from the mountain. Don't miss exploring the characteristic environment. Around the Stora Stöten opencast mine, which is almost a hundred metres deep, there is a walk of just under two kilometres. The view over the open pit and parts of the World Heritage site Falun is striking. After the road, you can have a coffee or a bite to eat at one of the cafes and restaurants - how about a Falu sausage pizza?

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See the world heritage with new perspectives

There are many ways to experience the world heritage - how about paddling through the rich and unique environment. Along the Falu River, which flows through the centre of Falun and the mining landscape, there are several sights worth paying attention to. From the water, you can get a new perspective on both the city and its history.

Collage of things to do in Falun.
Photo: Anna Holm.

The river Faluån flows into lake Runn, which is ideal for both paddling and SUP. Take the chance to get out on the water in the morning and experience the peaceful calm as life around the lake awakens. Glide along in a kayak or on a SUP board and discover all of Runn's cosy islands in a very natural way. At Human by nature at Runn's beach, you can rent both kayaks, canoes and SUP boards, why not also rent a hammock or a grill to maximise a wonderful day. Here you will be warmly welcomed by the owner family, who are happy to hold courses, for beginners or for those who want to hone their skills.

If you choose to stay on the beach, you can enjoy the silence by the lake with a nice yoga session on the balcony of the historic Villa Herdin. Or maybe a Qigong session down by the water?

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Live like the celebrities of the past

Right at the edge of the Stora Stöten mine hole is a beautiful house with ancient origins. In the past, the master engineers of the mine lived here. During the 18th century, for example, the inventor Christoffer Polhem lived here, when he served as art foreman at the copper mine. The building that was his home is now a cosy B&B, Polhem Bed and breakfast.

Collage of people hanging together i Falun.
Photo: Falu Gruva and Aktivt familjeliv.

The accommodation is decorated in a beautiful 18th century style and here you stay in rooms named after past masters of art, royalty and other historical figures who have visited the mine over the centuries. How about waking up in the room Mrs. Emerentia? Or in Queen Sofia Magdalena with a view of the Stora Stöten open pit? Here you can sleep well, enjoy the sunset and look out for Dalarna's landscape animal, the mountain owl, which nests in the open pit.

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Visit the artists' iconic home

The Swedes are a home-loving people who value their home highly. Perhaps that is why Carl Larsson's paintings of home and family have become so incredibly popular? Carl and Karin Larsson lived in Sundborn outside Falun, both were artists and especially Carl has depicted their home in his art. Through his paintings, the Carl Larsson estate has become one of the world's most famous artists' homes. The flood of light, Karin's free interior design style and the lively family life have almost become synonymous with the image of Sweden. It is no coincidence that, for example, IKEA's design department makes annual visits here for inspiration.

The Carl Larsson estate is managed by Carl and Karin's family association and the house still looks as it did in the Larssons' time. During the guided tour of the house, you will learn more about the world-famous artist couple and their noisy life.

The Carl Larsson house may only be visited with a guide, book here!

Look into the lives of the Zorns

At the turn of the last century, Dalarna was a gathering place for artists and celebrities. At Zorngården in Mora, Prince Eugen, Carl and Karin Larsson, Albert Engström and Erik Axel Karlfeldt were frequent guests. Zorngården was not only a meeting point for the European artistic elite, it was also home to the couple Emma and Anders Zorn. They moved into the house in 1896 when they moved home to Mora from Paris. It was then rebuilt in stages into the awesome home we know today.

Collage of Zornmuseet.
Photo: Zornmuseet and Richard Lindor.

Take the opportunity to visit the house and look into Zorn's world! In the unconventionally decorated rooms, art and crafts from various sources are mixed with kurbits and tradition of Dalarna, woven wallpaper, antique sculptures, paintings by older masters and furniture designed by Anders Zorn himself. Particularly spectacular is the Great Room, which impresses most visitors with its nine metre ceiling height. In the garden outside, some of Zorn's own sculptures stand among rose hedges, peonies and kitchen plants. A very beautiful place for a coffee where you can absorb all the impressions from the house.

Zorngården may only be visited with a guide, book here!

Dinner with miles-wide views of Siljan

Green hotels have been a meeting place for celebrities, events and people enjoying life since 1947. It is a place where care and awareness prevail. Hilda Andersson, secretary to Professor Mittag Leffler, was an enterprising and economically minded woman who did good stock deals. For the money, she had this magnificent timbered house built in Tällberg. In 1947, the Greens bought the house and converted it into a 30-room boarding house.

Collage of the hotel Green Hotel in Tällberg.
Photo: Kola Productions and Green Hotel.

Even today, visitors come here for relaxation, good food and to experience the genuine culture of Dalarna. The village of Tällberg is a true idyll with noble red cottages and timbered houses. The area is hilly and Green hotel is at the top of the hill. Treat yourself to a tasty dinner in the company of the mighty view over Siljan.
The hotel's restaurant is proud to have full control over what is served on the plates, the food is prepared from scratch with ingredients from local producers and nearby farms. They make the graved salmon themself, and the liver pate is also prepared on site. The staff wear folk costumes, as a tribute to Dalarna's unique costumes and of course to give you the cosy feeling of a holiday in Dalarna.

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