Welcome to Lindvallen


The mountain is green and the days are long and bright. Upon summer there is time to discover a whole new side of Lindvallen. It is wonderful to experience the mountains by bike with fresh air in the lungs. And everyone can bike in their own level, our tracks and trails are built for both experts and for beginners.

Cross country trails

The area offers diverse cross-country cycling in both high and low-lying terrain with varying surfaces. The trail system provides shorter and easier tours for beginners as well as more challenging alternatives in the mountain environment. As a central hub for much of what happens around CykelVasan, Lindvallen is well-visited by the cross-country cycling community. The trail center is located at Experium Square on the upper side of SkiStar Lodge Experium.

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Downhill trails

Swap the poles for handlebars, the boots for a pair of shoes, the skis for a pair of pedals, and head out into the slopes! In Lindvallen, there's something for every cyclist, from beginners to advanced riders. Don't miss Valle's Bike Land for the kids.

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Parking: Skistar Lodge Experium or Skistarshop Gustavtorget
Restroom: Skistar Lodge Experium or Skistarshop Gustavtorget
Bike wash: Skistar Lodge Experium or Skistarshop Gustavtorget
Bike rental: Skistarshop Gustavtorget, book a bike via skistar.com or call 0280-860 61
Bike workshop: Skistarshop Gustavtorget
Shower/changing room: Skistar Lodge Experium or Skistarshop Gustavtorget
Accommodation: Book accommodation at skistar.com
Restaurant: Throughout Lindvallen, from Experium Square to Sälfjällstorget. For more information, visit skistar.com
Other: Clothing/equipment shopping: Skistarshop Gustavtorget or Concept Store Sälfjällstorget
Contact: +46 (0)280-860 61
Website: skistar.com
Location: Hemfjällsvägen 24, 780 67 Sälen

Our classic Dropzone on the left side of Gustav Express for cyclists is getting a facelift. The drop will remain, but on the surface before it, we now offer two jump lines in the difficulty levels red and black. This allows riders to develop their jumping technique and catch some air before finishing their ride by dropping down towards the Gustav Express valley station.

Our beloved Northshore is back and updated. Northshore offers winding wooden structures in the forest section next to Dropzone. Here, riders must demonstrate balance and bike control in three lines ranging from blue to black difficulty.

At the bottom of the mountain valley lies the Children's Bike Park, which includes Valles DH, jump lines, and a pump track for the younger cycling stars. It's the perfect place to hang out, ride together, and practice skills before taking on bigger challenges from the top to the bottom.