The outside of the museum.

Verket & Avesta Art - Interactive museum and art gallery

Experience a magical mix of history, art and modern technology. The old ironworks from 1874 has been transformed from heavy, sooty, rumbling industrial environment to a new venue - Verket! Behind the walls exciting art meets new technology and industrial history.



It is exciting to walk around the old industrial environment and discover and explore the exhibits. Create your own art work in our creative work shop or challenge the family to figure out tricky puzzles in Baghdad mathematics. Through careful renovation has Rostugnshallen become a peculiar and exciting exhibition hall, the Masungs- and Martin-halls is an interactive museum.

Go on a different historical tour!
You start in Rostugnshallen where the entrance, shop and cafe is located. The hosts will guide you further into the blast furnace hall where you, with an interactive flashlight with a integrated remote, go looking for hyper-spots; yellow, bright rings. Use the flashlight, shine the light to the yellow rings and press the button - and Verket comes to life!
During summer the guided industrial history tours is offerd on Saturdays and Sundays at 13:30. No reservations are necessary for individuals.

Avesta Art - an international art exhibition
The exhibition is annually recurring and invites new artists every year, they are inspired by the industrial heritages, impressive architecture and portray contemporary life with an exciting artistic expression. Each summer they gather from around the world to interpret a given theme.

Guidaded tours
Each day during the exhibition guidaded tours are offered. No reservations are necessary for individuals. Please contact Verket for group reservations.

Below you can choose between entrance tickets for Verket & Avesta Art and combination tickets to Avesta's two main attractions, Verket with Avesta Art and Avesta Visentpark, for a good price. The combination tickets are valid for two days.

Bring the booking confirmation along with a valid id (passport).

Children and family
At the works both adults and children are welcome to take part of the activities! Think about and discuss the art together, create a fanciful sculpture along with your grandfather in the Art Workshop or challenge your cousin to figure out tricky puzzles in "Baghdad". During the family days children's activities are offered with various workshops where the children can get involved and make their own creative work that is exhibited in a joint exhibition.

Shop and cafe
In connection to the entrance to Verket you will find a nice souvenir and gift shop and a café. In the café they offer hot and cold drinks, ice cream, mixed pastries and sandwiches.

Practical information
Verket is an antiquarian preserved industrial environment from its operation time. Some parts are adapted but most of it is in pristine condition. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

To the main entrance there is no ramp. Strollers and wheelchairs are referred to an entrance to the right of the main entrance, call 0226-645162 and we will come and open the door for you. Inside the works there are lifts to all seven floors.

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