Europe's largest predator park

Orsa Rovdjurspark isbjörnar

Orsa Rovdjurspark

Watch when bears and tigers feed in northern Europe's largest predator park.

Orsa Rovdjurspark is Europe's largest predator park. There are animals such as Polarbear, Kodiak bear, Amur/Siberian Tiger, Snow leopard, Lynx, Wolf, Wolverine and Eurasian Eagle-owl. The park is not a common zoo, since all animals live in large heights where natural forest environments are built. During a guided tour, the guide tells more in detail all the species, the different individuals and their way of living in the wild but also the life of the park. Every day there is some exciting and instructive activity on the program. It may be an information, environmental enrichment, feeding or exercise. Around the park there are also several play and learning stations that make it possible to play to learn more about the animals and their environment. See if you can jump like the Snow leopard or see if you have the same rapid reaction ability as a tiger.

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