Glada barn kastar snö i luften.

Give your kids the best winter ever – Here’s where to visit in Dalarna

Planning your winter holidays? Here in Dalarna, we’ve got tons of fun things to do, plus everything you need to make your winter trip as easy and smooth as possible. After all, it’s a holiday for the adults too. Here, we’ve put together a list of seven of our favourite places for giving your children the best winter experience ever.

Let your kids hang out at leader-led, child-friendly activities – giving parents a bit of me-time. Keep in mind that the winter season is long here in Dalarna, and there’s plenty of time to plan your visit. If you come here during the low season and on weekdays, you’ll have more room out on the slopes and at the various attractions. Or maybe you’ll choose to stay a bit longer than just the one weekend? Nowadays, remote working is easier than ever. And after work, it’s time to hit the slopes with the kids.

1. Idre Fjäll

Besides the awesome mountain ranges, there’s more than a little for kids to do at Idre Fjäll. Meet the lovely horses at the stable, challenge the family to one of the weekly challenges or head on over to the Aske play centre. Fresh mountain air does a world of wonders for mind, body and soul! Aske is also the one pulling the strings at Aske’s Ski School – an undisputed favourite that is sure to have your kids excelling at skiing in record time. And once the outdoor air has given all the kids rosy cheeks, there’s just as much, if not more, to do inside with bowling, a sports hall, dodgeball, badminton and ping pong – not to mention the great atmosphere at kids’ après ski.  

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Glada barn på skidor.

2. Orsa Grönklitt

Orsa Grönklitt is all about kids having the best week of their year – and making sure there’s plenty more on offer than just skiing. There’s always something fun going on here, and the popular Blueberry Bärra mascot is a frequent visitor who’s here to mix it up a bit and have some fun. There are loads of leader-led activities kids can get involved in that are centred around Bärra, such as the detective agency, snow art and birthday parties. There’s also plenty happening at Orsa Wildlife Park, located just next door to, and in fact almost in the middle of, the ski slope. Here, you’ll find the wildlife school, wildlife spotting and the Varglyan play area.

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3. Idre Himmelfjäll

Idre Himmelfjäll is Sweden’s newest ski facility – and it hasn’t taken long for families with kids to find it. Gorgeous winding trails, taking you down through magical mountain forests await you here. Perhaps you’ll come across one of the many mystical creatures that has lived here in the mountains since time immemorial? What you will definitely find are green and blue downhill trails, with the longest measuring a whopping 3.2 kilometres. New for this year is a skiing area and track for our youngest skiers.

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Barn åker utför i skidbacken.

4. Bjursås Mountain and Lake Bjursen

In Bjursås, located just outside Falun and sometimes known as the Switzerland of Dalarna, you’ll get that great mountain feel but with a significantly shorter journey time. Head out onto one of the facility’s 21 pistes and 11 lifts, including a carousel lift and ski conveyor. And why not check out the treasure hunt and go looking for different stations on the slopes to find your treasure. There are also a variety of kids’ areas, snow parks and a Bag Jump. After skiing, why not spend some time relaxing with the family, hit the ice rink or head out to the cross-country skiing trail.

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5. Fairytale land Tomteland, home of Santa

At the large outdoor park in Gesunda, just outside Mora, woodland gnomes peek out from the lingonberry bushes, elves are working hard and Santa is training his flying reindeer. Loads of other characters are always popping up as well, hungry for some fun and games. The Witch, Winter Folk, the winter elf Gnistra and her brother Sprak, and the Troll King and his trolls are all here. A visit to Tomteland is like diving into another world – a world where you yourself get to join in the fun. The programme here is full of activities, shows, performances, antics and adventures all day long.

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Santa and Mrs Claus.

6. Kläppen

On a visit to Kläppen in the Sälen fells (Sälenfjällen), your kids are guaranteed to run into brother and sister Trolle & Trolla. You’ll often find them popping up out on the slope or hanging around the buildings, so keep your eyes peeled! These much-loved trolls will also invite the kids to come and see a show, or to join in the singing and dancing at après ski. Even the skiing is family-friendly with broad, well-maintained Alpine slopes of varying heights to suit every skill level. What’s also unique about Kläppenberg mountain is that it has downhill routes in all four directions, and a forest that protects against the wind and the cold.

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7. Fjätervålen

At the Fjätervålen centre north of Särna, it’s not just skiing out on the slopes that’s exciting. You can also get close to the nature that covers the mountain on Valle’s very own mountain trail. If you’re lucky, and keep your eyes peeled, you might spot one of the forest’s wild residents. In the Pingvinen kids’ area, you’ll find a nice little piste with a gentle slope, as well as a slow-moving platter lift that’s perfect for learning on. There’s also a snow park with jumps, rails and boxes for slightly older kids and young-at-heart grown-ups. For even more thrills and chills, you can even take a ride on mini snowmobiles, either on your own or with an adult. And the super adventurous types can take their snowmobile out into the forest for a snow safari.

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Small kids skiing downhill during a ski school lesson.