Summer café

Summer café

  • Contact person name: Elisabeth Stjernberg
  • Email:
  • Visiting address: Carl Larssonsväg 5, 790 15 Sundborn
  • Opening hours: The café is closed at the moment.

At the moment there are no guided tours available. The coffeeshop is out of service. Enjoy a good cup of coffee with cake after the guided tour. Sit down and relax in the garden or inside the beatiful house.



Stora hyttnäs offers visitors something out of the ordinary. The history of the house and gardens reaches right back to the sixteenth century; today, however, it is an authentic example of a typical upper-class home from the early 1900s.

Out in the garden, a 1880s garden under German model, scrumping of apples by smeltery and mineworkers was observed as long ago as the beginning of the seventeenth century. The Gubbäppelträdet or "Old-Man" apple tree is one of the oldest in the country and to this day still yields a crop of apples.

If you are visiting Sundborn, make sure you also visit Carl Larssongården, Sundborn Church, or just take a stroll through the village by the water.