Solgårdskrogen Nittsjö

Solgårdskrogen Nittsjö

At Solgårdskrogen, food is prepared with ingredients from local producers. The seasons determine the menu and during the hot part of the year the wood-burning grill is in focus.



Solgårdskrogen is located in the village of Nittsjö outside Rättvik and is run by the couple Jonathan & Genevieve Bjurenstedt (chef and sommelier). They use ingredients from Dalarna and on the menu you can find local delicacies such as trout and crayfish from Siljan. Vegetables used in cooking are grown in the yard and mushrooms and berries have been picked from the nearby forests. The food is then presented on plates from Nittsjö Ceramics and other local ceramics such as Mikaela Willers.

Solgårdskrogen opens for larger groups (at least 8 people) at any time. Call or email Genevieve with inquiries.

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