Many buns on a bread platter with a red and white checkered tablecloth.

Olnispagården café

Summer café with homemade bread, sandwiches and pies. Flatbread baking in the bakery, sales on Wednesdays. View of the old farm with period environments that have been brought to life with depictions of people and animals, sound and light illustrations and narrator voices.



Olnispa is in a beautiful location in the village of Västra Sälen close to the Västerdalälven river. The farmstead, which is original, is surrounded by arable fields and meadows.

Beside the river there is a boathouse; the river was an important communication route in the past.
Transtrand Local History Society was founded in 1922 and immediately started looking at Olnispagården as a suitable homestead museum. Just over twenty years later it was donated to the landowning parishioners of Transtrand, who started restoring the old farm. In 1967 it was listed as a historic building.
Olnispagården has a history going back to the 16th century and was occupied until the end of the Second World War. The farm is associated with Gustaf Eriksson Vasa’s escape to Norway in the 1520s. According to the tradition, it was here he was caught up by the skiers who had been sent out after him to persuade him to come back.
There are 700 artefacts to see on the farm, most of them from the days of peasant society, and some illustrating the transport and trade that were important in border regions like this. In addition there is a set of tools for making whetstones. The stone for these was quarried in the mountains of Sälen.
Bystugan, the community centre, offers various facilities. It can be used, for example, for parties, for baking bread, holding courses, club activities, exhibitions, etc.