The station house is a large brick building.

Vansbro railway station.

  • Visiting address: Järnvägsgatan, 780 50 Vansbro

In the middle of Vansbro you find the splendid train station. The beautiful building extends into the sky and reminiscent of the railway community and the workers who laid the foundations of what is now the main town in Vansbro Municipality. Railway Station, Railway Street and the engine shed is all three Culture monumental.



Come to Vansbro and experience one of the most beautiful railway stations. In a small town where time seems to flow a little bit slower. With space for reflection. Take the time to go along Rail Road that leads to Vansbros pearl - the grand railway station. You can make a journey in thought along Rail Way. Here you'll find buildings from a century, which tells of the railway society. An exciting blend of old and new.


In Vansbro, turn off the main road opposite Olséns Järnhandel. Here begins the Rail Way.