View of the nature reserve.

Tyttbo and the Färnebofjärdens National Park

In September 1998, Färnebofjärdens National Park was initiated by King Carl Gustaf. It is Sweden’s 26th National Park and a unique nature area, where lower Dalälven extends with river meadows, old forests, waters, islands and rapids. The area is about 20 kilometers long and half a kilometer wide and covers about 10 000 hectares of water and land. A wilderness atmosphere prevails here with no counterparts in southern and mid Sweden.



Dalarna’s and thereby Avesta’s part of the National Park is called Tyttbo. The area consists mostly of lush river meadows and more wildwood broad-leaved forests. But also of 4 kilometer long river line with the white waters of Härsingen, Balen and Tyttboforsen. The rapids have a drop of 4.5 meters. Especially at high water, the rapids become really mighty.
The area is best known in sport fishing context, but the rapids are well worth a visit, also for those who are not interested in fishing.
There are also rare plants and a distinctive nature with a very rich flora and fauna. The bird life is so rich that it has few counterparts in the country. Rare insects, mosses, lichens, and an unusually rich presence of different fish.


To get to the Tyttbo area and the National Park: Drive northeast from Avesta on road 68, turn off towards Folkärna and follow the road until you reach the village By. Drive past By church and follow the signs to Tyttbo and Hovnäs. If you go for GPS, you can search for "Stadarna".