A large pond and a bridge

Trängslet - the dam

The dam in Trängslet is the highest in Sweden, with its 120 meters.



The Trängslet dam was built 1955-1960. The dam also meant that the hitherto erratic flow of water in the river could be controlled. Upstream from the dam a lake has been formed which is 70 km long and contains 880 million cubic meters of water.

Trängslet power station on the Österdalälven river uses a head of 142 meters to drive the turbines, each with its own generator. The power station is one of the largest in Sweden.


From Älvdalen centre: Drive RV70 north, turn left towards Idre. Follow RV70 about 20 kilometres, turn right towards Trängslet. Follow signs and drive all the way up to the dam.