A nationalpark with mountains and a cloudy sky

Töfsingdalens Nationalpark

Töfsingdalens National Park was established already in 1930.



Old pine trees grow here among large boulders, and very difficult terrain. This is a beautiful area, it's probably Sweden's least visited national park. Together with adjoining protected areas Rogen in Jämtland and Femundmarka in Norway formed the borderland, a large area with high conservation values ​​which are also of great importance for outdoor recreation. Töfsingdalen is a true wilderness with endless boulder fields and forest. Here it is barren and desolate. The National Park is perhaps the most difficult league terrain that Swedish nature can exhibit. It includes a valley between two low mountains. Many of the area's trees are up to 500 years old and the forest are silver gray of all the dead, lying down or standing trees on the hillsides. In many of the primeval forest trees grow to the rare and poisonous wolf lichen. The forest along Töfsingån, which is dominated by spruce, is very healthy, thanks to the rich rock also rich in herbs. Here you can find plants Kung Karl Spira, daphne and vitsippsranunkel - the last one is unusual in Dalafjället. The area is due to the large amounts of blocks in the chips, hard accessible to man, and it would be wise to stick to the trail. This approach, however, the more people are timid creatures of our nature. There are both bears, wolverines and golden eagles. It may even pass some wolves through the lonely field. These, you may be lucky (or unlucky?) To spot if you follow some of the hiking trails from Grövelsjön or Storån.