Vie o ver feilds, lake and forest.

Storön Nature Reserve

Storön is a mountainous and undeveloped islet located in Byrviken. The area contains arable land as well as meadows and pastures as well as old-growth forests and species-rich beach marshes. Kestrel, barn owl, song lark and ring dove have been seen in this beautiful agricultural landscape. Here you will a very stroll-friendly nature reserve.



Natural conditions
Storön separates Alviken from Byrviken. Parts are covered with sandy or mobile sediments. The moraine is covered with forest. The northern part of the island is grazed and has a pasture character. The large number of anthills is remarkable. Agriculture is still practiced today on large parts of the arable land. Hay and grain are grown.

Cultural-historical conditions
Storön belongs to Alvik and has always been an important part of the village. Remains of settlement from the Stone Age have been found in the southern part of the island. Agriculture has been practiced on the island for many centuries back in time and the forest has also been farmed by the villagers. The island has always been used as a gathering place for the villagers and various congregations and associations in the neighborhood. Sometime during the 19th century, the island got a mainland connection. Prior to that, the harvests from the island were stored in meadow barns and transported to the village by sleigh across the ice during winter.

Storön is easy to get to. From the road that ends at a turning point in the middle of the island, you have a good view of the fields. After the turning plan, there is an old driveway that leads out to the northern parts of the island. The forest and pastures are walk-friendly. A smaller car park will be built at the pump station next to the entrance to the island. There will also be a bulletin board with an overview map. Signs in the terrain will point to the sights of the island.


Drive south from Leksand on Leksandsvägen and Järnvägen straight through the roundabout. Turn towards Sollerön and Siljansnäs. Continue on road 939 / Alviksvägen and turn right onto a gravel road at Vattenverket bus stop to get to the nature reserve.